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Volunteer Fundraising BETA: Now Available!
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 12 April 2017 01:27 PM

Solicit donations from volunteers without them ever leaving your VolunteerHub site. 

Ever wish you could prompt volunteers to make a donation as they're signing up to volunteer at your annual gala? Want to put a "Donate" button at the top of your site without sending volunteers to a completely separate website?

Volunteer Fundraising is a new beta feature that allows you to solicit your volunteers for donations right in your VolunteerHub site without ever sending the volunteer to a separate website for payment. Post direct links to various fundraising efforts, add custom messages to your donation pages and even prompt volunteers to donate automatically when they sign up for specific events in your site!

SPACE IS LIMITED for beta access to the first 10 organizations to participate (and for this beta launch only, we will be waiving the setup fee). Check the "How can I add this feature to my site?" section below for details on eligibility.

How does it work?

Getting started with Volunteer Fundraising is easy. Just follow the steps below to start soliciting volunteers for donations.

STEP 1: Create a Donation Page. Build an unlimited number of custom donation pages in your site, each with a different ask message, thank you message and donation amounts. Once this feature is active in your site, just navigate to Setup > Donation Pages and click Add Donation Page to create a new donation page.

STEP 2: Link to the Page. Select your donation page at the bottom of an event's Edit page to automatically prompt volunteers to donate when they sign up for that event (or an instance of the event if it's a recurrence). Or, use the page as a standalone donation option outside of your events by creating a button or link in your website or in your site's Schedule Message.

STEP 3: Watch Donations Roll In. Once you've done the above, volunteers will be able to interact with your donation page. Any donations you receive can be viewed in the new Donations page of a volunteer's profile, within two new donation-specific reports or, if you already have our integration with The Raiser's Edge or eTapestry, in your donor database against the fund of your choosing. 

Every time a volunteer donates to your organization via Volunteer Fundraising, they will receive a thank you email containing your custom Thank You Message from your donation page as well as a PDF receipt they can use for tax purposes.

How much does this feature cost?

Unlike other fundraising solutions on the market, Volunteer Fundraising does not require any flat monthly, per transaction or annual fees. Instead, you pay only a setup and configuration fee (waived for the beta release as described below) and a flat 10% of donations received per month via Volunteer Fundraising, which will be billed to your account in the subsequent month.

In other words, if you don't receive donations through Volunteer Fundraising in January, you won't see a bill for January's donations in February.

How can I add this feature to my site?

Space is limited to the first ten organizations to submit a request to participate in the beta launch of Volunteer Fundraising. The first ten organizations to request access will be provided full access to this feature and enjoy a waived setup fee. We will also keep a waitlist for additional organizations that are interested and let you know if space becomes available, so don't wait to let us know you're interested!

In order to qualify, your organization must have:

  1. A current Plus, Pro or Enteprise site that is already using Volunteer View (the latest version of VolunteerHub) and the Multiform feature (included with current Enterprise plans).
  2. An external billing processor (allows you to collect credit card payments electronically). Supported processor services include American Express, Cielo Payments, Elavon, FDMS Nashville/North/South, Global Payments Central/East, Heartland, Litle & Co, Moneris, Paymentech Salem/Tampa, Planet Payment, SecureNet, TSYS, Telecheck 2, Vantiv, World Pay and PayPal (this is NOT a regular paypal account that's linked to your email address - PayPal also offers payment processing services).
  3. A Canadian Charity Registration Number (Canadian organizations only)

If you're not sure if your organization meets the above criteria, please submit a ticket and we'll provide next steps.

GET STARTED: To request this feature and start receiving donations from your volunteers, please submit a ticket requesting access to Volunteer Fundraising.

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Data Center Outage, 4:50pm EST
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 07 April 2017 04:57 PM

Our data center is currently experiencing a power outage. Please know that we are doing all we can to restore service. We apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: Service has been restored as of 7:30pm EST.

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VolunteerHub April 2017 Release Notes
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 04 April 2017 03:02 PM

Several updates to existing functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Edit Users in OnSite

You can now record birthdays and edit other user information in the OnSite app! This change allows you to update information about any volunteer on the spot.

This change also increases Advanced Waivers coverage for your organization by requiring administrators to enter a date of birth and record a waiver for a user who is signed up for an event that requires a waiver. This ensures volunteers who do not yet have a recorded birth date are no longer able to be checked into events that require waivers until the required waiver for their age has been recorded.

"Give Feedback" Link Added to Support Site

We've added a public link to our UserVoice page at the top of the support site, just after the Webinars and Forum (formerly "Administrator Community") links in the dark blue navigation bar. If you would like to provide ideas for future improvements to VolunteerHub, click the Give Feedback link in our support site and let us know! You can up-vote existing ideas, so be sure you check for your idea before creating a new one.

Our development team references this site frequently when planning larger future updates to VolunteerHub based on how often a feature is requested, but be sure your feedback is posted as an idea and not just a comment on a related idea so we don't miss it!

“Show Inactive Users” Moved to Roster

The “Show Inactive Users” option in the Event Participation by User report has been removed and should be used within the User Roster report. This change will provide better information in your reports as well as speed up report loading times. To run a report including a list of inactive users (users who haven't registered for events during the selected date range), run the User Roster and use the Activity filter to "for events" during the desired date range, just as you would have previously in the Event Participation by User report. This will give you those users' entire profiles along with total hours, total event registrations and date of their most recent event ("Last Activity").

Schedule Message Removed from Admin View

To speed up page load times and reduce unnecessary scrolling for administrators, we've removed the Schedule Message from the administrative view for all sites with the Volunteer View enabled. To view your Schedule Message, simply click the Volunteer View button at the top of the page.

This change does not affect sites still in the older (classic) version of VolunteerHub.

Bug Fixes

  • The code for our embeddable “Volunteer Now” buttons and schedules (in the Setup > Embed page) was not working properly for sites in the new Volunteer View. The links have been updated and are working properly again now.
  • When searching for an event group and clicking the group name, some users reported seeing an error message. This issue has been resolved, and clicking on event groups in your search results should take you to the event group’s summary page.

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February 2017 Mini-Release Notes
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 24 February 2017 03:15 PM

A few updates to existing functionality have been made in VolunteerHub. See below for details.

User Roster Report's Event Group Filter

Previously, when using the event group filter in the unformatted User Roster report in addition to the report's activity date range filter, the report would provide results for event registrations in the selected event group IN ADDITION TO results for events matching the selected date range. In other words, the report previously showed matches for either filter instead of only those results that matched both filters.

We have adjusted the filter layout on the page so that you can now run a report for users registered for events occurring in a specific date range that are ALSO in a specific event group. 

Date Headers in Event Group Summary Page

When you navigate to Events > Event Groups, then click on an event, the list of events displayed on the page now includes headers indicating the date. This update brings some of the look and feel of the default landing page schedule to your event group-specific pages and provides some additional visual aid in the event groups' Summary pages for organizations who previously used landing pages as administrative filters, which is not available in Volunteer View due to the recent encryption update.

Advanced Waivers Report

There's a new "Signed Waivers by User" report in the Reports tab for organizations using the Advanced Waivers feature. Run this report to view all waiver names, signature dates and expirations, as well as the associated event for which the waiver was signed and the user's date of birth, for users who accepted the waivers during a specific date range. 

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Problem with System-Generated Volunteer Emails
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 07 February 2017 01:20 PM

As of 2am on Sunday, February 5th, we have received reports that system-generated emails are not being received by new volunteers. Emails were restored on February 7th at 8pm EST.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

- The VolunteerHub Team

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