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New Support Options Available!
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 30 July 2016 11:44 AM

In an effort to make it easier for you to connect with fellow VolunteerHub administrators and our Support Staff, we have added new options for you to get your questions answered!

New Administrator Community Forum

Our support site now includes a special community for VolunteerHub administrators to connect with each other and our staff to ask for advice on managing your volunteer program, VolunteerHub site design and management, etc. Please feel free to use this forum service to connect with us and other admins at any time.

We’ve added a link at the top of our support site for the Administrator Community. Once there, you may post questions and reply to other administrator’s questions as much as you like!

Free Webinars on VolunteerHub Functionality

Don’t forget we now offer free webinars for every VolunteerHub administrator. The “Everything You Never Knew About VolunteerHub” webinar series was created to boost both new and seasoned administrators’ knowledge of system functionality, best practices and, of course, everything you never knew the system could do! You can register for an upcoming live webinar anytime for free (or view past webinars) on the Webinars page of our support site.

New sessions will be posted every few weeks, and sessions are usually held every other Thursday. Topics offered in these webinars include:

  • Basic instructions on how to use VolunteerHub’s features
  • New/advanced use of basic functionality to customize the user experience
  • Best practices and recommendations
  • Ways to improve your program through VolunteerHub
  • Tutorials on special or new features

Best of all, every session will include at around 30 minutes of moderated Q&A, which offers a great forum for getting your questions answered live and hearing what questions other organizations have! Your questions can be on any topic and don’t necessarily have to be related to that webinar’s focus.

If you have a suggestion for a future topic, please email it to

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Upcoming Change to the Registered Users Page
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 18 July 2016 10:51 AM

An upcoming change will allow you to add users to user groups while registering them manually for events.

In the coming weeks, a change will be applied to the Registered Users page in events. In order to maintain consistency with the registration method in the OnSite app, adding a user to a group reservation in the Registered Users page will also add the user to the user group for which the reservation was made.

For example, if you reserve slots on an event for Wells Fargo, then you register John Smith under Wells Fargo’s reservation, John Smith will ALSO be added to the Wells Fargo user group (see below example).

In addition, the change will also include logging of registrations made using the Batch Modification Wizard in the user's activity log.

This change will be deployed in an upcoming mini-release in the next few weeks. While we cannot provide a specific release date, a notification will go out once the change is deployed!

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The Help Link Has Moved!
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 11 July 2016 10:30 AM

In order to make the Help link more accessible for administrators, we have moved it into the main navigation bar at the top of your site. Administrators will continue to access our support site and submit tickets by clicking the "Help!" link in the top navigation of your site.

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Exciting Updates are Coming to VolunteerHub!
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 05 July 2016 06:47 PM

We've heard you! Thanks to invaluable feedback from customers like you, our team has decided to publish our development roadmap so you can stay up-to-date with what our team has been working on. 

Please note that updates are released once testing is complete, which helps us to develop features and bug fixes much more quickly than with scheduled releases. Therefore, we are unable to provide exact timelines for these updates. However, while we can guarantee no specific release date, it is our intention to release the below items this year.

Check out what we're working on below!

New Volunteer Interface

We're excited to announce that our team has been putting together a brand new interface for your volunteers that is completely separated from the administrator view you see when you log in as a Superuser.

Here’s what you can expect in this update:

  • Responsive, Intuitive and Modern Design. The volunteer interface is being completely redesigned to make it easier to use, more visually appealing and – best of all – completely responsive to device size, meaning VolunteerHub will be 100% mobile friendly for volunteers!
  • Separated User vs. Admin Experience. We’re making a clear distinction between what your volunteers see and what administrators see when logged in. You will even be able to view what your volunteers see with a built-in “Preview” mode.
  • Incremental Schedule Loading. The new interface will load more and more events as the volunteer scrolls down the page, drastically decreasing the initial time it takes to load the page!
  • Separate “Upcoming Events” and “Your Events” Sections. A volunteer’s scheduled events will no longer appear above your full schedule in the upcoming interface. Instead, volunteers will have an easily accessible “My Schedule” page.
  • New “My Account” Pages. We’re making it easier than ever for volunteers to update their information. From a new “My Account” page, volunteers will have separate buttons to update their profiles, enter join codes, update group memberships and change passwords.
  • One-Click Registration. Volunteers will no longer need to complete a lengthy wizard for simpler events. Just click the “Sign Up” button and you’re done!
  • Social Media Integration. The new volunteer interface will include sharing options for Facebook and Twitter for events and registrations, as well as the ability to easily publish your organization’s social media outlets.
  • Full-Time Encryption. Sites using the new volunteer interface will have the option to use encryption on all pages, changing the web address prefix from “http” to  “https.” This will allow sites to collect more secure information such as driver’s license and social security numbers from volunteers when necessary.

When the new volunteer interface becomes available, we will notify VolunteerHub administrators via a notification at the top of your site as well as with an email announcement. At that time, we will provide more detail on how you can migrate your site to this new interface!

Free Biweekly Webinars on VolunteerHub Functionality

We are now offering single-topic webinars every other week beginning next week! These sessions are FREE to all current clients.

The new “Everything You Never Knew About VolunteerHub” webinar series is intended to help new coordinators learn how to use VolunteerHub over time as well as to boost veteran admins’ knowledge of more advanced topics. Every session will include at least 30 minutes of moderated Q&A, which offers a great forum for getting your questions answered live and hearing what questions other organizations have!

Topics offered in these webinars may include the following:

  • Basic instructions on how to use VolunteerHub’s features
  • Best practices and recommendations
  • Ways to improve your site and program through VolunteerHub
  • Tutorials on special or new features

And the best part... You can start signing up now! Our first few topics are already scheduled. Click on the Webinars link at the top of this page to learn more and register for the topics of your choosing. Space is limited, so be sure to check back regularly for newly posted sessions.

We also welcome suggestions for upcoming topics! Submit your topic suggestions to

Note that these sessions will not be replacing the paid implementation and training services we already offer. Personalized sessions providing optimization counseling or full new administrator training may still be purchased through

Staying Up to Date

Stay up to date on what we're up to by clicking the Release Notes category on the left side of the Support Site!

And remember, you can also review our Feedback Site for updates on what we’re working on and what’s been completed, as well as to submit feedback and ideas and vote on those of other organizations!

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Quick Tip: Finding and Reporting on Volunteer Details
Posted by Gabrielle Long on 21 June 2016 06:11 PM

Did you know that VolunteerHub tracks certain details automatically, such as volunteer start date, total hours, last log-in date and more? Knowing where to find this information can help you leverage that data to grow and enhance your volunteer program.

“Quick View” of Volunteer Profiles

You can find a wealth of information right in your volunteers’ profiles. Simply browse volunteers by last name in the People tab, or search for a volunteer by email address or name using the search bar at the top of your site. This information also appears in the Registered Users page of any event the user is registered for as well as after clicking on the name of a user group to view its members. What results is a “quick view” of the volunteer’s information.

The “quick view” shows you the following information about your volunteer:

  • Group memberships
  • Full Name and Username
  • Email Address
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number(s)

Most times, this information is enough for you to contact your volunteer or solve a problem. For example, if your volunteer couldn’t see his group’s events in the site, it may have been because he didn’t belong to the correct user group, which you’d notice just above his name in the “quick view” of his profile.

Full Volunteer Profile

User accounts in VolunteerHub contain much more than a volunteer’s answers to your User Form questions. Not only do they contain all the above information seen in the “quick view,” but volunteer profiles also include additional details such as:

  • Status: Shows whether the volunteer is active (has created their account or registered for an event in the last 12 months) or inactive. This can be found in the “Summary” page of the volunteer’s profile.
  • Account Creation Date: The date on which the volunteer created his or her account. You can use this information to calculate how long the volunteer has been with your organization. This can be found in the “Summary” page of the volunteer’s profile.
  • Last Login Date: The date the volunteer last logged into your VolunteerHub site. This will show as “None” for user accounts that were created by an admin but never used by the volunteer. This can be found in the “Summary” page of the volunteer’s profile.
  • Registered Events: This page of the volunteer’s profile shows all the events that user is registered for. In addition, the bottom of the page shows the total number of event registrations and cumulative hours for that volunteer.
  • Waivers: This page of the volunteer’s profile lists the details for every waiver the volunteer has signed/accepted. This page is available only for sites using our Advanced Waivers app.
  • Deduplicate: VolunteerHub automatically detects duplicate records for every user. You can use this page to view those duplicates or merge the user’s account with one of them.
  • Activity Log: This page is great for troubleshooting and verifying that an email was sent to a volunteer. It generally shows all activity for that volunteer for the last 30 days (but is refreshed when the system is updated).

You can find the above details for any user by clicking on the user’s name.

User Detail Reports

VolunteerHub offers several reports showing much of the above information.

  • View some but not all user details in event reports. You can include volunteer details (responses to select User Form questions) in the Event Participation by Event report, the event Sign-In Sheet and in the Raw Event Registration Data report by clicking on the Edit button beside a User Form question and checking the “Include this question in reports” checkbox, then saving the question. We especially recommend doing this for any emergency contact information you collect in the User Form.
  • View all user details. You can view all information about any of your volunteers by running the User Roster report. This report shows all User Form responses, profile details like account creation and last log-in dates and total hours and event registrations for each volunteer. You can even filter the report to show only data for volunteers who created an account, updated their account, registered for an event or did not register for an event during a specific date range.

Remember that VolunteerHub provides two unformatted reports (Raw Event Registration Data and User Roster) that provide raw data in CSV format to allow for easy manipulation and data analysis over time. To learn more about how you might use this data to leverage additional data on your volunteers, please review our previous Quick Tip on Customizing Your VolunteerHub Reports.

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