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09. Modifying Additional Site Settings
Posted by Gabrielle Long, Last modified by Jennifer Udan on 26 June 2018 10:57 AM

Additional settings for your site can be modified, including advanced settings surrounding user group membership, event page views and Kiosk options. To access these settings, navigate to the Setup tab. The Organization sub-tab is selected by default and lists all the additional settings for your site that you can change.

The sections below describe each field on this page. After making any changes to this page, be sure to click on the Save Organization button at the bottom of the page.

Organization Name

Enter the name of your organization as you want it to appear in outgoing emails sent from your VolunteerHub site.

SMS Organization Name

Enter the name of your organization as you want it to appear in outgoing text messages sent from your VolunteerHub site. 


Select the country in which your organization is located. This will directly affect the format of the phone number and address User Form question types.

Organizational Contact

Enter the name of your organization’s primary contact. The organizational contact’s name will be used as the default reply-to for automated system emails sent from your Hub. The contact must be an administrator in the system.


Select the time zone of your organization’s primary location from the drop-down menu. All events in your site will be set to this time zone. If your organization offers volunteer activities in multiple time zones, choose the time zone that's farthest west (e.g., if you operate in EST and CST, set your site to CST).

This will not apply to events in the Kiosk if a different time zone is selected in the Kiosk's Setup page.

Months to Display on Schedule

Enter the number of months for which you would like to display events on the main All Events page of your site. For example, to display a year’s worth of events, enter “12”; the All Events page will then display events occurring from today through the same day next year. 

Default Event List Style

Select the way you would like your events to be displayed by default on the main All Events page of your site. Users will be able to change their personal view on each landing page, but the Default Event List Style view will be selected by default.

  • List: List events in chronological order, with today’s events listed first. This view includes a large Sign Up button beside each available upcoming event as well as a filter drop-down for volunteers to narrow down the results on the page to a specific category (event group). This view is generally recommended for volunteers.
  • Calendar: List events within a calendar view. Users must click on the name of the event to view the Sign Up button.

Start Page

Select whether administrative users see the All Events (Events/Browse) page or the Event Groups (Events/Event Groups) page immediately after logging in. This option should only be set to "Events/Event Groups" for sites in the latest version of VolunteerHub.

Require Immediate Login

Check this checkbox if you require users to create an account or log into your VolunteerHub site before being able to view your schedule of upcoming events. This is not generally recommended unless your site has a strict onboarding process, since being able to see upcoming events may entice new users to create an account in order to be able to sign up for those events. If left unchecked, volunteers will be prompted automatically to sign in or create an account immediately after clicking the Sign Up button for any event.

New User Group Membership

Check the checkbox beside any user groups to which you would like users added when they create an account in your site. This feature is frequently used for approval workflows as well as tracking new volunteers in the system. Once the user is approved or vetted, the administrator can remove them from the selected group, if necessary. 

Require Email Address Verification

Check this checkbox to require a new user in the system to verify their email address by clicking a link in an automated verification email sent to that address immediately after they create their account. The user will be unable to log in until they complete the email verification process. This is not recommended unless you have frequent problems with users mistyping their email addresses; if you're concerned about mistyped email addresses, a recommended alternative would be to use the "Require users to retype their email address" option within your Email Address question in the User Form instead.

Google Analytics

VolunteerHub supports web traffic analysis via Google Analytics. To activate this feature, follow the steps below.

  1. If you don’t already have a Google Analytics Web Property ID, go to Google Analytics and sign up for an account. You will be provided a “Web Property ID” upon completion of account set-up.
  2. Enter your Web Property ID in the Google Analytics field provided on the Organization page under the Setup tab in your VolunteerHub site.
  3. Click the Save Organization button.

Although VolunteerHub will begin tracking immediately, it may take Google a day or two to display the new traffic statistics in your Analytics control panel.

Hours Tracking Mode

Select an option for granting hours to your users for events from the drop-down menu provided. This will be the tracking method for all events in your site.

  • Grant hours upon registration: This option allows you to grant hours automatically to users once they register for the event.
  • Grant hours upon check in: If your organization does not have the OnSite App enabled, this option requires you to grant hours manually to users for each event. If your organization has access to the OnSite App, this option allows you to grant hours automatically to users once they check in for an event via the Kiosk or OnSite App, which prevents no-shows from being granted hours. This is the most common method used for tracking hours.
  • Grant hours upon check out: This option is available only to OnSite App users and allows you to grant hours automatically to users once they check out of an event. This option is the most accurate hour-tracking method, but requires that users check out via the Kiosk or OnSite App before they leave the event. Note that the automatic check-out option rounds hours to two decimal places.

Kiosk Settings

These options are available only to customers who have purchased the OnSite app, which also includes the user-facing Kiosk app.

  • Allow new users to create accounts via the kiosk: Check this checkbox to enable users to create an account on the Kiosk. This will add to the Kiosk interface two buttons: One for the existing user workflow, and one for the new user workflow. This is recommended if you have frequent walk-ins.
  • Allow users to register for events via the kiosk: Check this checkbox to allow users to register for events on the Kiosk. If left unchecked, only users already registered for an event will be able to check into events on the Kiosk. This is recommended if you have frequent walk-ins.

Thank-You Emails

Select whether to send automated thank-you emails to all users who registered for the event or only to those users for whom hours have been reported for the event. If tracking hours in VolunteerHub, the second option is recommended to prevent no-shows from receiving a thank-you email, especially if your organization uses OnSite/Kiosk to check volunteers in, since this automatically grants hours at check-in.

Physical Address

You can change the address that appears at the bottom of outgoing emails sent from your VolunteerHub site, which by default will show the billing address on file for your organization (changed under Setup > Billing > Payments). The address entered into the Physical Address field will override the Billing address that currently appears at the bottom of your emails.

Once changed, the Physical Address will appear in your emails.

Organization Social Media Pages

To show one or more links to your organization's social media sites on your VolunteerHub site, log in as an administrator and navigate to the Setup tab > Organization sub-tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find several fields where you can enter the URLs of your social media sites. Be sure you do not include the "http://" prefix from your browser, as this is already included for you at the beginning of each field.

After entering one or more links in these fields and clicking the Save Organization button, click the Volunteer View button at the top of the page to view the result. Linked icons for each of the social media pages you provided will appear at the top of the Schedule Message area, and these links will be present in every landing page.

Event Registration

This setting can prevent users from double-booking themselves and registering for multiple events that take place at the same time. Choose whether the system will simply warn volunteers of a schedule conflict or if the system will prevent schedule conflicts altogether by checking or unchecking the “Allow volunteers to register for concurrent events” box (respectively).


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Comments (4)
Kelly Fenner
09 November 2016 06:08 PM
When using "Automatic Entry on Registration" I noticed it didn't affect the volunteers that had already signed up for shifts. As we are currently booked out close to a year in advance I was hoping there was just something I was missing, otherwise we'd be entering the hours in manually for the next year until it caught up. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Jennifer Udan
18 November 2016 09:17 AM
Hi Kelly,

Changing your site's Hours Tracking Mode does not retroactively change the hours for users who have already registered for events. It would only apply to those who register for events going forward.

Users who had registered for events before the Hours Tracking Mode was changed will need to have their hours updated manually by an administrator. You could do this at any time, not just once the event has concluded, but instructions for manually updating hours on events are available here, if needed:

If you have further questions or issues regarding granting hours for users, please submit a ticket via the link in the upper-left corner of this site to ensure you get a fast and accurate response, as we do not monitor Knowledgebase article comments regularly.
keri giusti
24 September 2018 03:47 PM
I am finding that my "event group" does not show up as a drop down option under the "ALL EVENTS TAB" yet, I can find the same event group after clicking on the event group. Why would this group not show up as a drop down option. Please advise.
Jennifer Udan
05 October 2018 09:36 AM
Hi Keri,
Event Groups that appear in the dropdown will be Event Groups with the "Display this event group as a filter to volunteers" box checked.

If you have further questions or issues with an Event Group in your site, please send us a message via the link in the upper-right corner of this site to ensure you get a fast and accurate response, as we do not monitor Knowledgebase article comments regularly.
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