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Why aren't my users receiving VolunteerHub emails?
Posted by Gabrielle Long, Last modified by Jennifer Udan on 11 June 2018 01:59 PM

There are several reasons why users may not receive emails generated by VolunteerHub.

Before you can determine why a user didn't receive the email, first make sure the email was sent in the first place. You can do this by clicking on the user's name, then clicking on the Activity Log sub-tab. If an email was sent to the user, it will appear in the log much like the example below:

2/16/2015 5:45:06 PM                       Sent email to user       

Subject: ABC Company: Event Registration Complete

If you do not see a log of the email in question, that means that no email was sent to that user. Check reason numbers 5 and 6 below for a potential solution.

Note that log entries for event registration confirmation emails ("Sent email to user" entries like the one above) are not updated when the event details (e.g., name, date, times, etc.) are updated, as these entry logs show the body text of the email that was actually sent to the user. On the other hand, changes to the event name, date and times are reflected in the activity log entry showing that the user was "Registered for an event."

Below is a comprehensive list of the most common reasons users may not receive an email from the system. If you have checked ALL of the below potential causes and still cannot determine why your users have not received emails from the system, please send a message to VolunteerHub Support by clicking on the Send us a message button in the top-right corner of this page. 

1. The "Email" token is not enabled.

In order for the system to recognize a user's email address as an identifying characteristic of his or her account in VolunteerHub (thus making the account searchable by email address), the "Email" token must be enabled for that question in the User Form. To ensure the token is enabled, navigate to the Setup tab > User Form sub-tab, click on the Edit button beside the "Email" question and scroll down to the Token checkbox. If that checkbox is not checked, check it and click on the Save Question button.

2. The user's account does not have an associated email address.

If the user's account was created by an administrator, the Email field may have been left blank when creating the account. To ensure the user receives emails from VolunteerHub, be sure to go back into the user's account and add an email address by navigating to the People tab, clicking on the user's name and adding an email address in the Email field.

3. The user did not "opt in" for system emails.

If, during the initial registration process, the user did not select "Yes, you may email me" (or other "true" response) for the Email Opt-In field, that user will not receive non-transactional (bulk) emails sent from VolunteerHub. This is a user selection and cannot be changed by anyone other than the user.

4. The "Email Opt-In" question has been removed.

Does the number of recipients for your email suddenly show as "0"? If the "Email Opt-In" question is completely removed from the User Form, no users will receive non-transactional emails from VolunteerHub. For more details on transactional and non-transactional emails, please see the FAQ article, Do I need the Email and SMS opt-in questions in my User Form?

To recreate the "Email Opt-In" question, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab > User Form sub-tab (if using Multiform, go to People > User Groups > "All Users" group > User Form)
  2. Click on the Create New Question button below the User Form Questions header
  3. Select the "Boolean" option from the Question Type field
  4. Enter "Email Opt-In" in the Name and Prompt fields
  5. Enter "May we send you occasional announcements and updates?" in the Subprompt field
  6. Check the Require a response to this question and Token ("Email Allowed") checkboxes
  7. Select "True" as the default option 
  8. Enter "Yes, you may email me" in the True Text field and "No, do not email me" in the False Text field
  9. Click on the Save Question button

5. Automatic emails are not enabled for the event.

If you believe the user should have received an automatic confirmation, reminder or thank-you email, check the event’s email settings to ensure that those emails are enabled for that specific event. To do so, click on the name of the event and click on the Edit sub-tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom and make sure the Automatically send checkboxes under the Confirmation Email, Reminder Email and Thank-You Email tabs are checked.

6. The user doesn't belong to the group you emailed.

If you are sending a manual email to a group of users through the User Group or Event Group email functionality, double-check that the user does, in fact, belong to the group you are emailing. It may be that the user is no longer a member of the user group you sent the email to, or that the user cancelled his or her registration for an event in the event group list you attempted to email.

7. The email was blocked by the user's spam filter.

When troubleshooting email issues, you should have your users check their spam or junk folder to ensure the communication was not mistakenly labelled as spam. Emails sent from your VolunteerHub site will appear as being sent from "VolunteerHub Messaging." To save time, they can search their spam or junk folder for the from name, the subject of the email (for manual emails) or for the name of the event (for automated event emails). 

If the user finds the email in the spam or junk folder, have them mark the message as “not spam” and change their settings to accept emails from that email address going forward. If the email was blocked entirely and doesn't appear in their spam folder, ask the volunteer to whitelist emails from the address ""

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Comments (4)
Stephen Sye
09 January 2016 02:57 PM
Thank you for this informative tip. Meanwhile, is there a "Sent" email folder or box where a system operator can view communications? If so, how would one access it?

Regards ...
Gabrielle Long
12 January 2016 06:44 PM
No, there's no "Sent" folder, as emails can be sent from any admin. To view previously sent messages, you must look at the Activity Log of either a recipient or the sender within 30 days.
Sherri DeBoer
22 October 2016 07:53 PM
That information helped me understand things...,one questions
is there a way to make a group e-mail list for certain users in an Event group but not all.
Jennifer Udan
28 October 2016 09:32 AM
Hi Sherri, You can apply a filter to an email to an Event Group to only reach out to those who were registered for the events within a certain time frame. You can see instructions on the mass email options here:

If you have further questions or issues on emails, please submit a ticket via the link in the upper-left corner of this site to ensure you get a fast and accurate response, as we do not monitor Knowledgebase article comments regularly.
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