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Posted by Gabrielle Long on 16 April 2018 01:17 PM

Several major updates to existing functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Emails No Longer Sent “on Behalf of” Users

Due to increased security measures taken recently by most popular email inbox providers such as Outlook and Gmail, VolunteerHub no longer sends emails on behalf of a user account’s email address. Instead, VolunteerHub will follow the industry standard of sending emails from a generic account while keeping the reply-to intact.

All emails sent from any VolunteerHub site will now be sent from “VolunteerHub Messaging.” No changes have been made to reply functionality, so administrative users will continue to receive replies to their VolunteerHub emails as follows:

  • Replies to automatic event emails will continue to go to the email address in the Event Contact’s user account.
  • Replies to automatic system emails (e.g., Account Created) will continue to go to the Organizational Contact’s email address.
  • Replies to non-transactional emails sent from the Email pages of Event Groups, User Groups and Events will continue to go to the sending user’s email address.

If necessary, you may choose to include a note in your site's Schedule Message or send an email to your existing volunteers to let them know your organization's communications with them going forward will appear to be from "VolunteerHub Messaging." However, this is not required.

Language/Date Format Support for French and UK English

VolunteerHub’s Volunteer View now supports French and UK English! This update also includes support for the YYYY/MM/DD date format, which is applied automatically when selecting one of these new language preferences.

To select a language preference, a user who is not logged in may click the flag icon at the top of the screen. A user that's currently logged into your VolunteerHub site can click on their name, then click the language indicator in the menu that appears (see screenshot below).

Registration Wizard Return Filter Added

Per our previous January 2018 Release, a user may click “Back to Event List” to return to their original place in the schedule immediately after registering for an event. We’ve now added the ability to hold the user’s previous filter selection upon return to the schedule rather than returning them to the event with no filters applied.

Event Time Details Formatting

In our previous January 2018 Release we increased the clarity of information provided in the colored time pills above event names in Volunteer View. We’ve now updated the event date/time area above the Abbreviated Description as well as the Calendar view to be consistent with January’s update:

  • All Day: If an event is scheduled for 12am until 12am the following morning, the pill and time will read “All Day.”
  • Date Range: If an event is scheduled for 12am until 12am on a day further in the future, the pill and time will show the date range of the event only (helpful when posting long-term activities like internships and retreats).
  • Normal Shift: If an event has a duration of less than 24 hours, the pill will show the start time only while the time will provide the start and end times.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Updated Volunteer View's search feature to a more streamlined and user-friendly slide-out version rather than a pop-over window.
  • Added user group path to the User Group Affiliation column in the Raw Event Registration Data report.
  • Made a parent event group visible in the Volunteer View filter when its subgroup is visible to increase clarity of hierarchical relationship to volunteers.
  • Increased readability of event names and times in the Calendar View.
  • Added a splash page/warning when the Default landing page’s color scheme does not meet WCAG requirements.
  • Fixed text wrapping of longer Event Group names within the filter in Volunteer View.
  • Blocked browser auto-populate feature from populating responses automatically in Text-type User Form questions to alleviate issues with incorrect information being entered by the user's browser.
  • Corrected link color in outgoing customized emails so it uses the site’s Secondary Color.
  • For pages with no Banner Graphic, added background color to Sign In page.
  • Corrected address field formatting for organizations in Singapore and New Zealand.
  • Made performance improvements to reporting and pages pulling user and event information.
  • Fixed error encountered when generating donation receipts for volunteers.
  • Fixed occasional missing bullets and numbering of waivers.