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VolunteerHub October 2019 Release Notes
Posted by Matthew Murphy on 23 October 2019 11:07 AM

Many updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Modifications to Transactional Emails

Why are we doing this?

Transactional emails are those sent to the volunteer regardless of their email opt-in status (account creation, event confirmation, cancellation, and reminder).  Volunteers have traditionally received these emails with no way of opting out of them. This has led to some volunteers marking these emails as spam, which in turn has led to issues with some email providers blocking all VolunteerHub emails (e.g., some users with Hotmail not receiving any VolunteerHub emails at all).  Correcting this with the email provider can be tedious and results in missed emails until the issue is resolved.  To address this issue, VolunteerHub has modified how event-related transactional emails are handled.

Event Confirmation

A confirmation email is no longer sent by default.  Instead, volunteers are presented with any additional information on the completion screen following their registration.  The text displayed on this screen is generated from the 'Confirmation Message' box within the event. On this screen, volunteers have the option to have an email sent to them as well as adding the event to their personal calendar.

Volunteers registered manually by an Admin from within an event still receive a confirmation email.  Volunteers moved from the wait-list to registered also receive a confirmation email.

Event Contacts still receive a Registration Notification email, should that option be enabled.

Event Reminders

No changes have been made to reminder emails.  All volunteers continue to receive at the time specified.

Event Cancellation

Volunteers no longer receive a cancellation email when they cancel their registration.

Volunteers do receive a cancellation email when removed from an event by an admin.

Event Contacts still receive a Cancellation Notification email, should that option be enabled.

Event Thank You

Thank you emails are now treated as non-transactional.  This means that if a volunteer opted-out of emails, they no longer receive a thank you email.

Ability for Users to View Registered Users' Names within an Event

This setting is disabled by default.  Organizations can decide to enable the ability for a list of Signed Up volunteers to appear within the Volunteer View of an event.  This list contains the first name and last initial of those registered. 

If the event contains a reservation, only users who are a member of that user group may view the names of volunteers signed up under that reservation. 

If your organization has the Advanced Permissions module, this permission can be applied to select User Groups. 

To enable this option, send a message to support (if utilizing Advanced Permissions, please specify which User Group(s) to apply the permission to).

Manually Register a User for Multiple Events

Admins can now manually register a user for multiple events from within the user's profile.

  1. Navigate to the profile of the user you wish to register.
  2. Click the 'Add Registration' button.
  3. Click the Filter icon to input the criteria for the list of events (e.g. every Friday instance of the Mobile Pantry Recurrence Master).
  4. Click the Filter icon again to generate the list.
  5. Select the desired events or click 'Include All'.
  6. Click Save.

NOTE: Volunteers do not receive confirmation emails for each event (if enabled, reminders for each event are still sent).  If the volunteer should be notified, it is recommended that the admin reach out after registering them and advise the volunteer to view their schedule.

Emails Now Come from "Name of Admin via VH"

Volunteers now see the name of the Admin who sent them an email as being who the email is from, followed by 'via VH'. 

Replies to emails still go to the email address of the admin who sent the email.

Admin 2.0 as Default

This release marks Admin 2.0 becoming the default when accessing the Admin side of VolunteerHub.  Classic Admin remains accessible via the Classic Admin button on the Main Menu.

It has been 7 months since we introduced Admin 2.0, and now it is time to announce the retirement of Classic Admin. 

Effective January 1, 2020
Admin 2.0 will be the sole administrative interface of VolunteerHub.

Classic Admin's retirement allows for the addition of features and improvements in future releases which would have broken Classic Admin's dated functionality.  If you are still using Classic Admin, please find below links to training materials to aid in your transition:

Allow Admins to Remove Created User from Default 'New User' Group(s) Before Saving

When creating a new user via the Create New User button on the Users page, auto-join groups are now listed at the bottom.  Clicking the X excludes the new user from joining.

5th Day of the Month Options

An option for the Instance Pattern for 5th days of the month has been added to Recurrence Masters as well as the Multi-Event Editor.

Event's Total Hours in Admin 2.0

The total recorded hours for all volunteers within an event now display within the Record Hours box.

Toggle 1-Hour Restriction for Kiosk Check-In

Kiosk now has the option to disable the function which restricts check-in to an event to no more than 1 hour before its start time.

To access this setting:

  1. Access the Settings page.
  2. Click the Site Settings tab
  3. Scroll to the Hour Tracking section.

Announcing VolunteerHub Support Twitter Feed!

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