The Event Contact for any event can be sent emails for confirmation and cancellation of signups. To send yourself these emails for a particular event, follow the steps below. 

If you have any trouble receiving these emails, please check your spam folder and ensure your security settings allow emails from the email addresses "" and ""

Step 1.

Navigate to the Event (or Master) and click Edit.

Step 2.

Add yourself as the Event Contact for the event by entering your admin account name into the Event Contact field. Be sure you select your name from the automatic pop-up below the field - simply typing it in will not work.

Step 3.

At the bottom of the Confirmation Message section for that event, check the "Send confirmation email to event contact" option to receive an email when someone signs up, and/or "Send cancellation email to event contact" to be notified of a cancellation.

Step 4.

Click Save

What if I need to CC multiple email addresses?

If for any reason you need to copy several coordinators at once, create a dummy user account using a distribution list as the email address, then make that account the Event Contact for your event. Or, if you are unable to have your IT department create distribution lists for you, you can also set up a rule in your inbox to forward those emails to the appropriate contacts based on details in the emails (e.g., event names or locations).