While VolunteerHub does not have an automatic notification when new users create accounts, you can automatically add new users to a "New Users" user group in your site to track them. You might do this if you need to stop new users from signing up for events.

Alternatively, you can simply run the User Roster report once a week to see who has created an account this week. That report includes a filter to show only users who created their account within a specific date range.

To track all new users in a "New Users" user group automatically, navigate to the Settings page and click the Site Settings tab. Within the New User Settings section, begin typing the name of that group into the field and then select a group to which you want all new users to belong. Click Save at the top when done.

Whenever a new user creates an account, they will automatically be enrolled in this group. Just click on the name of the user group to review any new registrants in your site.

It is recommended that you schedule time at least once a week to check the group for new users and remove them from the group once you've reviewed their profile information. 

An alternative method is to filter a list within the Users page.

  1. Press the blue filter icon
  2. Input the start and end dates within Account Creation Date
  3. Click 'Apply Filters'

Once the list is generated, the 'Email' and 'Text' buttons are specific to that list.