OnSite allows administrators to check in volunteers and record hours more quickly. The OnSite is touch-screen compatible for all mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and comes with the Kiosk.

OnSite is a companion interface separate from the main VolunteerHub site and is accessible through a URL address similar to your VolunteerHub site's regular URL (e.g., company.volunteerhub.com), but with the extension "onsite" at the end (e.g., company.volunteerhub.com/onsite).

OnSite is an optional module and is included at no additional charge on some VolunteerHub plans. If your organization does not yet have it, contact clientsuccess@volunteerhub.com for more information on how your organization can get started using OnSite.

This article covers each of the following topics:

Navigating OnSite 

To get to OnSite , navigate to the OnSite page from the Main Menu.

OnSite requires no download or installation - it is simply an extension of your VolunteerHub site and can be accessed from any device while logged in as an administrator.

There are five tabs in OnSite , each of which allows you to access different sets of information. The captions for Figures 1-5 below provide a basic description of each tab in OnSite.

Figure 1. The Users tab allows you to view volunteers registered for the current day’s event(s).
Figure 2. The User Groups tab provides a list of user groups associated with users registered for the current day’s event(s).
Figure 3. The Events tab displays a list of events for the current day and a status bar for each tallying users checked in/out and registered.
Figure 4. The Event Groups tab displays a list of event groups to which the current day’s events belong.
Figure 5. The Setup tab allows you to configure which events display on OnSite as well as the nametag printer in use.

Checking Volunteers In and out for Events

Step 1.

To check in a volunteer for the current event, navigate to the Users tab and click on the name of the volunteer you would like to check in (Figure 6). This page lists all volunteers who are registered for an event occurring today only.

If your list of registered users is very long, you may also search for the user by typing his or her first or last name into the search bar in the top-right corner of the screen. From the results, click on the user’s name to access the next page and follow the steps as you would normally to check in users.

Figure 6. The User page allows you to check in or register users for current-day event(s).

Step 2.

Click on the check in button to check the user into the current event.

Alternately, you may click on the check in all button to check in the users for all current-day events to which he or she is registered.

Step 3.

Click on the OK button in the confirmation dialog box to complete the check-in for the selected user. The user’s check-in time will appear below the event name (Figure 7). The user can then be checked out at the end of the shift by clicking on the check out button at the bottom of the page.

Figure 7. The volunteer’s check-in time appears once he or she is checked into the event.

Note that the automatic check-out option rounds hours to two decimal places.

Step 4:

If necessary, you can manually adjust the number of hours granted for the shift by clicking on the name of the event on the page (Figure 8). This is useful if the volunteer is late or must leave early.

Figure 8. Manually adjust the number of volunteer hours granted for an event.

Enter the adjusted hours as needed and click on the save button when finished. Hours entered may contain up to two digits after the decimal (e.g., “1.25”). You may also click on the undo check in button to undo the user’s check-in, removing any hours for the event.

Checking in Multiple Users at Once

You may also check in several volunteers at once if they are registered for the current day’s event(s). To do this, click on the name of the event under the events tab.Next, click on the check in all button to check in all of the volunteers registered for the event (Figure 9). At the end of the shift, click on the check out all button to check out all users currently checked in.

Figure 9. Check in several volunteers at once or one by one.

Alternately, to check in individual volunteers for the event as they arrive, click on the check in button beside the volunteer’s name. This will save you time if you have only one event scheduled for the day.

Registering Users for an Event

If a volunteer shows up to an event without having previously registered for it, you can register the user for the event as well as check him or her in using OnSite.

Step 1.

To register a user for an event, navigate to the Event page by clicking on the Events tab and clicking on the name of the event for which you would like to register the user.

Step 2.

Click on the add user button shown at the bottom of the screen in Figure 10 above.

Step 3.

If the volunteer has a user account in your VolunteerHub site, begin typing in the first name of the user in the User field. The user’s name and username will appear below the field; click on the user’s name and click on the register user button to register the volunteer for the event.

Figure 10. You can register new or existing users for a current-day event using OnSite.

If volunteer has not created an account, however, you can still register the individual for the event by clicking on the create new user button instead. This will take you to a new page to enter the volunteer’s account details as you would when registering a new user. Click on the save user button to save the user’s account.

Figure 11. You can create a new volunteer account and register them for current-day events using OnSite.

Once you have saved the new user, you will be returned to the previous screen to affiliate the user with a user group associated with the event. Select a user group from the list to add the user to that group and its reservation on the event, or select “Unaffiliated Users” if you do not want the user to be affiliated with a particular user group (Figure 12). When finished, click on the register user button.

Figure 12. Affiliate the volunteer with a group

Viewing a Volunteer’s History

You can view a history of registered events and volunteer hours for an individual user by clicking on the name of the volunteer anywhere in OnSite (e.g., from the Users tab). On the left side of the user’s profile, click on the  History link to view the user’s event history.

Figure 13. View the volunteer’s history of events and hours.

The user’s history will show all the dates, events and volunteer hours for the volunteer. Click on the print button on the right side of the screen to print the user’s Volunteer Service History report listing all previous volunteer dates and hours.