In this first tutorial, we will go over how to access your main VolunteerHub site as an administrator. For the purposes of demonstration, we will use a fictional organization called “San Francisco Outreach Center.”

Step 1.

Open a web browser and enter the web address of your Hub as provided by VolunteerHub (e.g., ""). If you are new to VolunteerHub and do not yet have the link to your site, that link will be provided in your first implementation session.

You should see the Events page of the Volunteer View, the central and most frequently used page of your Hub. The Events page is simplistic by design. Our experience has shown that volunteers feel more comfortable when presented with a simple interface that offers a gentle learning curve.

NOTE: If your implementation plan requested volunteers to have to sign in before seeing events, you will first be brought to the Sign In page.

Step 2.

To sign in as the administrative user, click on the Sign In link in the upper-right corner of the site, just above the main navigation links.

Step 3.

In the Username and Password fields on the right side of the screen, enter your username and password. Then, click the Sign In button. If you wish to be an administrator of the site but are not the person who purchased the site, please have the current administrator create an account for you. If the administrator is no longer with your organization, please send us a message to request access.

For security reasons, VolunteerHub normally signs you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. You can bypass this automatic feature by checking the “Keep me logged in” box during sign-in. You can always sign-out manually by clicking the “Sign Out” link on any page.

Step 4.

After successfully signing in, you’ll be returned to the Events page, now with the Admin link in the upper-right. Click that link to enter the administrative interface.

Figure 1.

The top blue bar contains a few shortcut features (Figure 1)

  • Clicking the VolunteerHub logo returns to the main Dashboard
  • The drop-down next to your name provides access to your account, billing, and the option to sign out.
  • The Magnifying Glass allows searching for a user, events, and groups.
  • The Question Mark opens a new window to our Support Page.

If you ever need assistance with your site, click the "?" link in the top navigation bar to access our Support Site. Here, you can view Knowledgebase articles, Send a Message to our Support Team, read up on updates and tips in the News section, and view or sign up for free webinars. Support messages are the fastest and most reliable way to get in touch with our support staff regarding any questions or issues you have with your site, and we generally respond within one business hour.

Figure 2.

In the upper left corner is the main menu which contains tiles to navigate to the various features and functions (Figure 2).

  • Dashboard: View upcoming events, Create an Event, and VolunteerHub News.
  • Events: View and edit event-specific information.
  • Event Groups: View and edit the Event Group structure.
  • Recurrence Templates: View and edit Recurrence Templates for events which happen regularly.
  • Users: View and edit user-specific information.
  • User Groups: View and edit the User Group structure.
  • Deduplicate: Search your site for duplicate accounts and combine them into a single account.
  • Approve Hours: Accept or reject hours submitted by a volunteer for events where this is allowed.
  • Landing Pages: Create and edit pages specific to a User Group or Event Group.
  • Donation Pages (not on all accounts):  Create pages for volunteers to donate.
  • Reports: Run one of a variety of out-of-the-box reports.
  • User Form: View and edit the questions of the volunteer application as well as administrative fields on their profile.
  • Kiosk: Launches the virtual Kiosk
  • OnSite: Launches the event-management portal, OnSite.
  • QR Check-In: Get QR codes for a specific day.
  • Import Users (not on all accounts): Import a CSV file of users.
  • Export Users (not on all accounts): Export a CSV file of users.
  • Advanced Waivers (not on all accounts): Add and edit volunteer waivers.
  • Uploads (not on all accounts): Import files (max 2MB) to link throughout your VolunteerHub site.
  • Settings: Edit your organization-specific and site-wide settings.
  • Volunteer View: Preview your site's schedule and account options as a volunteer.

Now that you are signed in, you may begin working in your site.  

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