In this tutorial, we will complete the set-up of your VolunteerHub site and view your site as a volunteer. We highly recommend viewing your site as a new volunteer after making changes; this will give you a feel for the user's workflow and experience in your site as well as help you catch any oversights or mistakes made while building events and other sections of the site.

Now that you've finished setting up your Hub, let's take a look at the results by viewing the page as a volunteer. To view your site as a volunteer, log out of your administrator account and create a user account. In the top right corner, click the your name to access the drop-down menu and choose Sign Out (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Click the Sign Out link to log out of your account.

Since you’re no longer signed in, you will be taken to the Events page of the Volunteer View. Click Create Account. The Username and Password page of the registration wizard will appear, at which point you can create an account as a volunteer. If you entered a New User Message as instructed in Part 2 of this tutorial, you'll see it on the first page of the wizard, and on the final page you'll see your current User Form. 

Once you're finished creating a volunteer account, you'll be able to sign up for activities and view/edit your account just as any volunteer would (as long as no other onboarding process is in place). We recommend trying this once per month to ensure your volunteers are still getting a good user experience in the site and that any recent administrative mistakes are remedied.

The user workflow may deviate from that described above or in the referenced guide if additional changes have been made to your site's settings, such as requiring volunteers to undergo approval before seeing events, requiring verification of email address, landing page settings and so on. 

Now you have experienced VolunteerHub from the volunteer’s perspective. Once users begin registering for events, you can begin generating a variety of reports by navigating to the Reports tile and clicking on the report you'd like to use. Each report has a description listed below it. It is recommended that you try experimenting with these reports once you have sufficient volunteer data in the system (i.e., once users start signing up for various events).

For more details on running reports, please see the the next topic in this guide by clicking on the Next button below.


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