It happens to everyone. Admins and volunteers alike may forget a username or password, making it difficult to log in and manage opportunities. However, if a user forgets either a username or password, he or she can obtain the username and reset the password on their own by clicking the “Forgot password?” link on the Sign In page of your site.

If the user has trouble resetting their own password, try the troubleshooting tips below.

Make sure they’re entering the right username.

Many times, a user thinks they’ve forgotten their password when actually they have entered the wrong username. If your volunteer or administrator still has trouble logging in, ask them what username they tried and provide the correct username if it doesn’t match with what you have on file.

Verify they are receiving the password reset email.

Once a user clicks the “Forgot password?” link, they will receive an email with instructions to proceed. If their inbox has high security settings (as with corporate/organization email servers), the email may be sent to a spam folder. This can be avoided if the user adds an exception (also known as whitelisting) for all emails coming from addresses.

Make sure they have a unique email.

User accounts that share email addresses with other users in the same VolunteerHub site will not be able to complete a password reset on their own. In these cases, you will need to reset it for them (instructions below).

Make sure they can find the link.

Sometimes volunteers miss the reset link in the Sign In page if they’re in a hurry. It may be helpful to point the “Forgot password?” link out in your Sign In Message in case users aren’t aware of it. This guide may be helpful to show them where the link is located.

Make sure they have the correct URL.

Ensure that the volunteer is trying to log into the correct VolunteerHub site. Occasionally volunteers will report not being able to log in, only to find they were not on the correct website to begin with.

Have an administrator reset the password manually.

Any administrator can reset another user’s password, even if the other user is another administrator. To reset a user’s password, find the user’s account in your site, click the ellipsis (...) icon in the upper right and choose Change Password. Enter the new password in both corresponding fields and click Save. We recommend having at least two administrators in any site so that, if one is locked out of his or her account, the second administrator can reset it.