Zapier is an automation platform.  It has a catalogue of software with Zapier working as the middle-man to make them talk to each other.  Zapier allows for creating ‘if this then that’ automations (called Zaps)—if this happens in application A, then make that happen in application B

Example: If a user creates an account in VolunteerHub, then create them as a constituent in another application.

To use the Zapier integration you must first create an account.


Discovering What You Can Do

Click here to view VolunteerHub's Zapier integrations page. From here you can search for applications to connect to VolunteerHub.

Creating a Zap

The example below creates a Zap to email a particular email address whenever a new user account is created within VolunteerHub.

Setting a Trigger

  1. From the left navigation pane, click 'Create Zap'

  2. Within the Trigger search box type 'VolunteerHub' and select it

  3. Click the 'Event' box and choose the desired triggering event

  4. If this is your first time creating a Zap, you will need to sign in to VolunteerHub.  If you have created previous Zaps, proceed to Step 6.

    Click the 'Account' dropdown, then select 'Sign in'
  5. A popup displays asking for an API Key and the Site Host.  

    1. Site Host: enter your VolunteerHub site's URL

    2. API Key: From VolunteerHub navigate to Settings > API Keys

    3. Copy one of the keys and paste into the Zapier popup

      NOTE: Clicking 'Create New Key' will overwrite that key and break previous integrations made with it

    4. Press 'Yes, Continue'

  6. To test your trigger, click the Test dropdown and choose 'Test trigger'

  7. Once Zapier has successfully completed the test, press 'Continue'

Setting an Action

  1. From the Action screen, search for or click the desired app

  2. Click the Event box and choose the desired event then click 'Continue'

    For this example 'Email by Zapier' was the chosen application and 'Send Outbound Email' is the action
  3. Fill out the relevant information to complete the setup of the action.  Many of the boxes contain tags to populate information specific to the User Details of the volunteer.  When completed press 'Continue'

    The example below sends an email to an administrator anytime a new user account is created. The subject line of the email is "New Volunteer Account Created: <Volunteer's First Name> <Volunteer's Last Name>." The body of the email contains the new user’s username followed by “created a new account in VolunteerHub.”
  4. To test the action press 'Test action'

  5. If the test was successful, press 'Publish Zap'