Volunteers can now run their own hours reports for a date range by navigating to the My Account > View Hours page in the Volunteer View. 

VolunteerHub's reports are generally meant to show groups of users or events at a time to give you a broader view of your event participation. A user's profile shows the total number of hours attained for that volunteer's account at the top, as well as a list of past events the user was signed up for.

When on a user's profile, click the ellipses menu (to the right of the Edit button) and choose Print History.

However, if you need to run a report for a specific user's activity during a particular date range, and the above solutions don't quite meet your needs, follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Create a new user group by navigating to User Groups from the main menu and clicking on Create New User Group.

  • Enter "User Report" in the User Group Name field.
  • Enter "Add a user to this group temporarily to run a report for that user" in the User Group Description field.
  • Keep the default Membership Control option (only administrators may add users).
  • Click Save.

Step 2.

Temporarily add the user to your new "User Report" user group by going into the user's profile, clicking on Edit, entering and selecting the "User Report" group in the User Group Memberships section of the user's profile, and clicking Save.

Step 3.

Run the Event Participation by User report - filtering for the "User Report" user group - during the desired date range (checking "Show Events" if you want to list out each event).

Step 4.

When you're done, remove the user from the "User Report" user group.