To begin, from the Admin side click on your name at the top right and choose Billing

Paying automatically with Credit Card

Note: Paying by credit card does not display in the Subscriptions dropdown unless there is a credit card added within the Payment Methods tab.
  1. From the Payment Methods tab, click Add New Credit Card
  2. Fill in the card information and click Save
  3. Go to the Subscription tab
  4. Click the dropdown and choose that card
  5. Click Update
To remove a credit card, click the ellipsis for that card from the Payment Methods page and choose 'Remove Payment Method'.  If you only have one credit card in the system, you can not remove it until you've added a second card.

Paying automatically with bank account (ACH)

  1. Go to the Subscription tab, click the dropdown and choose Direct debit my bank account automatically
  2. Fill in the ACH information
  3. Choose an identification type and fill in that information
  4. Click Update

Paying manually

  1. Go to the Subscription tab, click the dropdown and choose Pay Manually
  2. Click Update
  3. Contact the Billing Department by the phone number listed below the dropdown, emailing the billing department, or Submit a Ticket to the Billing team.

Manual payment options:

  • Payment over the phone (877-482-3340 ext. 2) by credit card
  • Payment by check mailed to our lockbox:

Carr Engineering, Inc

Columbus, OH 43260

Note for new clients: Automatic payments are only available after training has been completed.