When sending a text message, such as an automatic text reminder or user/event group text blast, each user who receives the text uses one credit. So, if you have 100 credits, you can send one text to 100 people, 10 texts each to 10 people, or 100 texts each to one person, etc.

Once you run out, you can choose to purchase additional credits or have the system automatically bill you when you run out. Credits must be purchased at $.01 per credit ($25 minimum).

Purchasing Credits Through Your Site

Text credits can be purchased through your site if a credit card has been entered in the Payment page of your site. To check this, on the Admin side of the site, click on your name at the top right. Choose Billing and look at the chosen Method of PaymentEnsure "Credit Card" is selected there. If not, select it and enter your card information, then click Save.

Note that this will enable automatic billing to your credit card on a monthly basis as long as you have Credit Card selected from the Method of Payment field. Any unpaid invoices will be paid once a credit card is entered as an automatic method of payment

Once you've verified that the Credit Card is selected as your payment type, click on the Text Messaging Credits tab on the Billing page. You will have two options:

  • Purchase a specific number of credits manually
  • Purchase more credits automatically when current credit balance is insufficient

Purchasing Credits Manually by Phone

If you do not wish to set the credit card as your automatic payment type, please send us a message with the number of text credits you'd like to purchase so we can have our Billing Team reach out.