When sending a text message, such as an automatic text reminder or user/event group text blast, each user who receives the text uses one credit. So, if you have 100 credits, you can send one text to 100 people, 10 texts each to 10 people, or 100 texts each to one person, etc.

Once you run out, you can choose to purchase additional credits or have the system automatically bill you when you run out. Credits must be purchased at $.01 per credit ($25 minimum).

Purchasing Credits Through Your Site

Step 1.

From the Admin side, click on your name at the top right. Choose Billing

Step 2.

If you don't already have a credit card on file:

  1. From the Payment Methods tab, click Add New Payment Method
  2. Fill in the card information and click Save

Step 3.

From the Text Credits tab, first decide if you'd like credits to be purchased automatically once your text messaging credit balances reaches zero or manually when you decide to purchase.

If you have chosen to purchase manually:

  1. Click to the dropdown to choose how many you'd like to purchase.
  2. Choose your desired credit card from the dropdown
  3. Click Purchase Text Messaging Credits

If you have chosen to purchase automatically: 

  1. Choose your desired credit card from the dropdown.
  2. Credits will now automatically be purchased once your credits reach zero.

Text Messaging is only available in the US and Canada.