Yes, you can set up your events so they are automatically removed from the schedule once all slots are filled. This can be done using the event's Event Visibility option, which hides the event once registration is disabled. Since registration is disabled once an event is full, this would cause the event to disappear from the Volunteer View once all slots are taken.

Note that this setting does not apply to events with user group reservations. If a user group reservation exists, members of that group will still see the event, even when all slots are filled.)

Step 1.

In the Admin view, locate the specific Event in the Dashboard or Events page. If updating all future instances of a Recurrence Template, locate the template in the Recurrence Templates page.

Step 2.

Click the orange ellipsis (...) button to the right of the event and select Edit Event from the menu that appears.

Step 3.

In the Registration Details section of the event, and select "Hide this event when registration is deactivated" from the Event Visibility field. 

Step 4.

Click Save in the upper right.