VolunteerHub provides a variety of options when it comes to reports. Full details on each report can be found within Section 8 of the Getting Started Guide.

Each of the following reports provide volunteer hours for a specific date range and/or Event Group. 

Because each report shows slightly different data, the totals in each report may differ, even when run for the same date range. 

Event Participation by Event

The Event Participation by Event report is sorted by event, meaning the data in this report will be listed by event name in chronological order.

This report:

  • Can be filtered by date range and event group.
  • Is great for viewing how many users, groups and anonymous guests are registered for each event.
  • Report includes hours for Anonymous Guests.

Event Participation by User

The Event Participation by User report, on the other hand, is sorted by user, so the data in this report will be listed in alphabetical order by the last name of each user registered for events in the selected date range.

This report:

  • Can be filtered by date range, event group and user group.
  • Shows event registrations per unique user, and as such does not include registration details for non-users or group details.
  • Is great for capturing the total number of unique users for a time period and/or specific program.

Event Registrations

The Event Registrations report is an unformatted report that is sorted by event with a new row for each user. This is the most detailed report in VolunteerHub and therefore has a wide variety of uses.

This report:

  • Can be filtered by date range, event group and user group.
  • Shows the event group path for the event, the user group path for the group affiliation of each user (unless Unaffiliated) and the waiver status for each user.
  • Can be customized to include specific user form responses.
  • Is great for building more advanced analytics, graphs and tables via Excel since it exports in CSV format.
  • Report includes hours and number of Anonymous Guests.