A user may not see an event you've built if:

  1. The event is scheduled too far into the future. Volunteer View shows events up to X months into the future, as set in the Months to Display on Schedule field on the Settings > Site Settings page. If your event is scheduled out more than the number of months entered into that field, users will not yet see it until the event is within the proper date range.
  2. You did not select the correct Event Group when building the event. This often happens in sites where the default page doesn't show all events, such as organizations with opportunities in multiple districts, regions, states/provinces, etc. To check this, navigate to the event in the Admin interface and click Edit. Look at the Event Group field and ensure you've selected the most specific category for the opportunity you're posting. The "All Events" category should never be selected, as that inhibits filtering by and reporting on the activity as well.
  3. You've selected "Hide this event..." as the Event Visibility option when building the event AND either 1) you have chosen NO as the Allow Users to Self-Register option (making it impossible to sign up for and therefore see the event), 2) you've reserved the event for a group that the user does not belong to or 3) the Slots Reserved is 0 and Overflow is deactivated for Unaffiliated Users and/or that user's group reservation.
  4. Your site uses permissions to restrict access to opportunities and the event doesn't belong to an event group that contains permissions. This often happens if a new event group is created, but no request was sent to our support team to adjust permissions for your volunteers to be able to see it. If you suspect this to be the case, please send us a message so we can assist.