A Join Code is basically a password that a user can enter into his or her account to be added into a private/hidden user group. Below are the most common questions we receive about Join Codes. 

What is the user experience when using Join Codes?

For new users, the volunteer may create a new account and enter a Join Code just before filling out his or her profile. If a Join Code is entered successfully, the new user will be added to that group once they're finished creating their account. 

For existing users, the user can log into his or her account, click on their name in the top-right (in mobile, they'd click the menu icon first), then they'd click Enter Join Code. On the page that follows, they'd enter their code and click Join. If the Join Code was entered successfully, the user will immediately belong to that user group.

When should I use a Join Code in my site?

Join Codes are a great way to allow users to put themselves into a restricted user group or to give themselves access to new, otherwise restricted events (e.g., if your organization requires orientation for all new volunteers prior to them having full access to the event schedule). For instance, you might have a Join Code on a group called "Approved Volunteers" or "VIPs." Entering a Join Code will not change the user's experience in the site unless Configurable Forms questions or Advanced Permissions are applied to that user group. Therefore, Join Codes can be a useful tool when planning your site's more complex onboarding processes for new volunteers.

However, when managing groups of volunteers such as local businesses and church groups, a landing page provides a simpler and more unique experience for members of those groups. Unlike with Join Codes, a landing page can be configured to show only the events that group is scheduled for and can automatically add users to a group without them having to enter a code. In addition, the landing page can have custom messages on various pages to welcome or thank members of that group specifically, whereas a Join Code would not change the user experience at all. Using landing pages is therefore the recommended best practice for all the volunteer groups you work with, including one-time groups.

How do I require a Join Code on a User Group?

  1. Click on the group and click Edit.
  2. Change the Membership Control setting to "Join Code (Users may join this group by entering a join code)."
  3. Enter the code you'd like your users to enter.
  4. Click Save.

How do I remove the Join Code page from my site?

You'd need to ensure no user groups in your site are currently using a Join Code in the groups' Membership Control settings. As long as no user groups are currently using that setting, your volunteers will never see the Join Code page.