You can require that new volunteers attend a training or orientation (or other prerequisite event) before being able to sign up for specific events in the system by following the steps below.

We recommend that your training/orientation opportunities be created as events in VolunteerHub so users can sign up for them. In addition, you can add a link to those training events in the descriptions of the opportunities that require training as a prerequisite.

Step 1.

Create a user group for approved volunteers for the type of event that requires training or orientation. For example, if you have construction opportunities that require users to go through safety orientation, create a user group called "Approved Construction Volunteers." Keep it so that users must be added to the group by an administrator.

If you need to track new volunteers who've not completed training/orientation, click here for instructions.

Step 2. 

Create a reservation on the events for the approved group you created in Step 1. You will need to reserve all slots for the event. This will make it so that only the users you've approved can register for the event.

Step 3.

Each time a volunteer attends a training/orientation for that type of event, go into VolunteerHub and add that user to the approved user group you created in Step 1. This will allow them to register for the event you reserved for that group going forward.

If you also created a group to track new volunteers, be sure to remove the volunteer from that group when adding them to the approved user group.