Many of the settings on an individual instance can be altered from the Recurrence Template by unlinking that field.

Step 1

Navigate to the event you wish to alter.  You can either:

  • Find that event from the Events page.
  • Locate that specific instance through the Recurrence Template.

Step 2

Once you have located the event, click the orange ellipsis (...) button to the right of the event and select "Edit Event" from the menu that appears, or click on the name of the event and then click the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the page. 

Step 3

Update the event's settings as needed. The Date & Time fields can be edited as is; however, for settings that are linked to the Recurrence Template, a small Link/Unlink (chainlink) toggle will appear beside the section or field name. Select the grey unlink (broken chain-link) icon on the left side of the toggle to unlink that field's or section's setting from the Recurrence Template, thereby making it editable for this particular instance (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Once in the Event Details, toggle the chain icon to 'unlink' to break that field from the template.

Step 4

Click the Save button in the upper-right corner.

Changing the settings within an instance of a Recurrence Template will affect that specific instance only; all other instances' settings will remain linked to the Recurrence Template and will not be affected. However, be aware that future updates made to the Recurrence Template will only affect linked fields in each of its instances!