An event can be set to allow volunteers to specify a number of anonymous guests they are bringing with them to an events. This is accomplished by increasing the Default Maximum Party Size within the reservations.

Reasons you may not want to allow anonymous guests:

  • They do not have VolunteerHub accounts.
  • They can not log in or have their hours automatically tracked.
  • They do not sign any waivers.

Reasons you may want to allow anonymous guests:

  • You simply need an accurate head-count for an event.
  • You are working with a main-contact at an external group who will be the only person at that organization to create an account and will report how many within their group are attending.

To enable anonymous guests:

Step 1.

Within the Events page, click on the event name.

Step 2.

Press the ellipsis (...) button to the right of the group you'd like to allow to bring guests and select the "Edit User Group Reservation" from the menu that appears. This would be Unaffiliated for an event with no added reservations, but would be a user group should you have added a specific group to this event.

Figure 1: Edit the reservation to change the settings.

Step 3:

Change the Maximum Party Limit from "1" to the amount of users you would like one user to be able to bring in their party. In our example, we have entered "4" which will allow one user with an account to bring up to 3 guests that do not have user accounts (Figure 2). Once adjusted, press the 'Save' button.

The Maximum Party Limit must be a number between 1 and the total number of slots set for the Event Slot Limit. If the event has unlimited slots available, you must still set a cap for the number of guests a user can bring.

Figure 2. Enter the maximum number of slots to be taken by a user's registration in the Maximum Party Limit field.

You can also change the Maximum Party Limit for a specific user group reservation or user. To do so, edit the specific user group reservation as we did with the Unaffiliated one above, changing the Maximum Party Limit for that group.

A user registering for the event will have the option to select a party size, including that user and a number of anonymous guests (Figure 3). The party size the user may select will be any number between 1 and the Maximum Party Limit (or the number of remaining slots on the event if less than the Maximum Party Limit remains).

The Email Addresses field within an individual registration allows the registered user to enter the email addresses of their guests so that those guests can receive any automated emails related to that event.

Figure 3. Users registering for the event will select a party size of up to the Maximum Party Limit for their group (if greater than one).

The number of slots taken by each registered user is shown to the right of that user's name (Figure 4).

Figure 4:  Jane is taking 4 slots (Her and 3 guests).