Yes. There are a few options in VolunteerHub that allow you to communicate with volunteers via text message.

1. Automated Texts

In the Reminder Email section of an Event's details, check the box for "Automatically send reminder text to registered users 3 days prior to event". This will send a text message to registered users as a reminder for the event. (The time period can be changed there as well.)

VolunteerHub does not send text reminder messages to volunteers between 10:00 pm and 9:00 am (based on the organization's time zone). If an event is set to start at 8:00 am, with a text reminder set to go out 6 hours before the start, no text will be sent.

2. Administrator-Generated Texts 

There are three options for sending administrator-generated text messages:

  • On an Event's Registered Users page, click the Text button to send a text message to all registered users (waitlisted users can be included as well).
  • Navigate to the Users page. Selecting the Text button will send a message to all users. To narrow your selection, press the filter icon and input values to narrow your list of users.  Press the filter again to enact the filter.  Pressing the Text button will now only message those displayed in your filtered list.
  • Navigate to the User Groups page and click on the user group you'd like to message. Click the ellipsis (...) button in the upper right and select Text Users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I don’t see the text option in any of those locations on my site.

Be sure that your organization has not deleted the Text Opt-In question from your User Form. To recreate the question, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the User Forms page and select the All Users group.
  2. Click on the Add Question button and click Create New Question.
  3. Select the "True/False" option from the Question Type field, and "Dropdown" from the Style field.
  4. Enter "Text Opt-In" in the Question Name field.
  5. Enter "May we send you text reminders?" in the Prompt field.
  6. Enter "(Messaging rates may apply)" in the Subprompt field.
  7. Select "Yes" for Require a response to this question.
  8. Choose the "Text Messaging Allowed" Token.
  9. Enter "Yes, you may text me" in the True Text field and "No, do not text me" in the False Text field.
  10. Select "False" as the Default Option.
  11. Click on the Save button.

What will the texts look like?

The automated reminder text says: "[Text Messaging Organization Name]: Event Reminder: [Event Name] @ [Date and time] @ [Location]"

Administrator-generated texts begin with “[Text Messaging Organization Name]:” followed by the message you enter. 

From what phone number will the texts be sent?

All texts sent through VolunteerHub, regardless of organization, originate from 614-808-2079.

What happens if a volunteer responds to the text message?

Volunteers who text that number will receive this automated response: "This is an unmonitored number. Please contact your organization for assistance."

How do I purchase more text credits?

Please review the full instructions for purchasing credits for sending text messages.