Generally, a token is used to distinguish one User Form question from other questions of the same type. This field is used primarily for basic profile information and for field mapping between systems for the integrations we offer with Blackbaud and Salesforce CRMs. All VolunteerHub sites come with the required tokens enabled, so usually no change is necessary to this field.

When building a question in the User Form, the first field on the page allows you to select a Question Type, such as Address, Name, Email, List, File Upload, etc. Each question type has a different set of tokens that may be enabled. If you choose the "Phone Number" question type, for instance, you will see several options in the Token section (Figure 1). 

Figure 1. Tokens indicate something special about a particular question.

What are the tokens?


  • Address
  • Donation Address


  • Date of Birth

Email Address:

  • Email Address
  • Parent Email Address

File Upload:

  • User Profile Photo


  • Gender
  • IRS Form 13206 Volunteer Certification
  • IRS Form 13206 Volunteer Position


  • Donation Name
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Name
  • Parent Name

Phone Number:

  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Fax
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Pager
  • Parent Phone Number
  • Work Phone


  • Donor Perfect ID
  • IRS Form 13206 Volunteer Certification
  • IRS Form 13206 Volunteer Position
  • Personal Pronouns


  • Is Adult
  • Text Messaging Allowed

Why should I use tokens in my site?

The token you choose should be most closely related to what you're asking your volunteer for. For instance, if you're requesting a mobile phone number from volunteers, you'd choose the Mobile Phone token. This token enables the mobile phone number entered by your volunteer to show up in the "quick view" of his or her profile when searching/browsing users, to receive text messages, to show up in the Registered Users page of an event he or she registered for, to be used as a method of checking into events in Kiosk (users can enter a phone number or their name) and, if applicable, to sync directly into your CRM database (applicable only if you have purchased one of our integrations).  

A token can be used for one question only per VolunteerHub site. If one of the tokens is "greyed out" then it is already enabled on a different question.

What are the IRS 13206 tokens for?

If your organization needs to report volunteer positions or certifications to the IRS, you may request a special report from VolunteerHub Support by submitting a ticket. First, you must have two list-type questions in your User Form. Be sure to select one of those two tokens on each, depending on the question. Then, when you run and download the IRS 13206 report in VolunteerHub, the report will populate with volunteers' username, name, address, position and certification.