While you can't pull an enumerated list, you can see everyone on the waitlist by going to the Registered Users section for the event (find your event and click on it). If a blue pill with 'W/L' appears next to their name, that volunteer is on the waitlist.  Waitlisted volunteers will also display '0' as the number of slots they are occupying.

You can also determine what order they are in on the waitlist by looking at the "Registered" field listed for the corresponding user (see image below). The user with the oldest registration date/time is next in line to be added to the event if a registered user cancels.

If you need more of a report format, you can run a “waitlist-only” report in VolunteerHub by navigating to the Reports page and selecting the “Event Registrations” option under the Unformatted Reports tab. Select the desired filters and click Preview Report, then click the “Download Full Report” button to open the full report in Microsoft Excel. Users with "0" Slots Used are on the Waitlist.