The pre-existing, generic questions within a new site's User Form contain fields for both identifying volunteers' gender and a title.  Both of these can be customized, but in different ways.  Please note that with some integrations these fields cannot be modified, if any additions are not present in the synced system.


This question exists as a simple list question.  Additional options may be added by modifying the list options.

Title Options

The title is part of the Full Name user form field (title, first name, middle initial, last name).  By default this dropdown contains Miss, Mr., Mrs., & Ms.  New entries may be included in this dropdown, and though there is no way to remove the dropdown entirely, all options can be removed.  These changes can only be done on the backend.  Should you wish changes be made to yours, please submit a request to Support.

Common additions include Dr., and the gender neutral options of M. and Mx.