The following steps will allow you to make a copy (clone) of an event. 

Step 1.

If the event is a single occurrence, locate the event in the Dashboard or Events page of your site (if in the past, use the filter on the Events page of your site to search for it). If you plan to make a copy of a Recurrence Template, navigate to Recurrence Templates and locate the desired template.

Step 2.

  • For a single event: Click on the name of the event, click the orange ellipsis (...) button in the upper right, and select "Save Copy of Event."
  • For a Recurrence Template, click the ellipsis button and select "Save Copy of Template."

Step 3.

This will take you to the new "Copy of" event. Click Edit in the top-right corner of the page to edit the Event Name, Start/End Date/Time (if a single event), and any other details you'd like the new event to use.

Step 4.

Click the Save button. If you are saving a copy of a template, you should automatically be taken to the Instances page of the new template.