Did you know volunteers who are pre-registered for events can check themselves into events using their smart phones? VolunteerHub provides two separate QR check-in features, both of which are enabled automatically once the OnSite/Kiosk app is enabled in your site.

QR codes are special barcode-like images that link a user to a particular web address. These codes can be scanned by any smartphone with a camera and a QR code-reader app, the latter of which can be downloaded for free from most app stores. A volunteer will simply open the QR code-reader app on their phone and point their phone's camera at the QR code; they would then log in to their VolunteerHub account and automatically be taken to the check-in page for the event.

The OnSite app allows you to check volunteers into events and record their hours automatically rather than dealing with paper sign-in sheets and manual hours-tracking. OnSite also comes with the Kiosk, which allows users to check themselves in and out of events much like a time-clock. To learn how you can add the OnSite/Kiosk app to your site, please contact your account manager at info@volunteerhub.com or 877-482-3340 ext. 1.

Scanning the QR Code

Though any QR code-reader app will work, below are some recommendations:

  • iPhone- on iOS 11 and later
    • Open the stock camera app and point it at the QR code. 
    • A banner notification will appear, directing the volunteer to the check-in page. 
    • Tap the notification.  There is no need to take a picture.
  • Android- later versions of the Android software operate the same as an iPhone.  If this does not work, perform the following:
    • Open the 'Google App'.
    • Press the camera button within the search bar at the top.
    • Tap on the QR code on the screen.
    • A notification will appear.  Click the 'Website' button to navigate to the check-in page.

Printed QR Codes

You can quickly print copies of a QR code for an entire day’s worth of events or for multiple days.  Then you can post them around the location of an event. These QR codes may be printed in advance, if necessary, and each QR code is valid for one day only.

To print QR check-in codes, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to QR Check-In via the Main Menu.
  2. In the Date field, enter the date of the event(s) for which you would like to enable QR check-in.
  3. If your organization has also purchased the Label Printer Integration, you may select that printer from the Label Printer field to have nametags printed automatically as your volunteers check into the event with the QR code.
  4. Click on the Get QR Code button.

Once you have followed the above steps, your QR code sheet will print on an 8.5x11” sheet of paper automatically (as shown below). If you prefer, you can copy the QR code into a Word document and create your own verbiage.

In-App QR Codes

You can also set up your Kiosk to show an optional QR code, which will enable smartphone users to bypass the Kiosk’s typical screens and complete the check-in process on their phones. This option is perfect for speeding up check-in for larger events, as smartphone users can scan the code and step aside to allow the next person in line to use the Kiosk to check in.

If you have never activated Kiosk or need to enable QR Code within it, please review the Activating the Kiosk App article for setup instructions.