Deleting an Event or a Recurrence Template does not permanently delete it. Follow the steps below to restore a deleted event.

Step 1

From the Events (single events) or Recurrence Templates (recurring events) page, click the filter icon to the right of the search field (applies to single events only).

Step 2

Select "Only deleted events" from the Deleted Events drop-down menu. If desired, use the other filter options to help refine your results.

Step 3

Click the Apply Filters button.

Step 4

Locate the desired event from the results that appear, click the ellipsis (...) button to the right of the event, and select "Undelete Event" (or "Undelete Template" if restoring a Recurrence Template) from the menu that appears.

Restoring a deleted event restores any registrations and/or reservations associated with the event. However, restoring a deleted Recurrence Template does not restore any future instances that may have been previously created prior to deleting the template. Future instances cannot be restored and must be recreated.