User Group Selection for New Accounts Created on Kiosk

If your site's Kiosk Setting is checked to 'Allow new users to create accounts via the kiosk', new users have the option of choosing from a list of user groups to join.  No user groups are listed by default.  To enable a user group as an option, check the option within the Membership Control settings in the user group: 'Allow new users to join this group via the kiosk' (Figure 1). 

Once checked, this group appears as an option following the new user filling out their profile if that user group has a reservation within an event that day (Figure 2). 

Note: The user will still be placed in any groups set as auto-join automatically for all new accounts.

Figure 1: Check the box to add the user group as an option for enrollment via the Kiosk for new users.

Figure 2: Users choose from the list after filling out their profile.