You can hide events from volunteers should you wish to not yet allow volunteers to not only not sign up, but completely hide the event from their view.

  1. From the Admin Portal, navigate to the event or Recurrence Template.
  2. Click Edit in the upper-right corner.
  3. Within the Registration Details, change the Allow Users to Self-Register toggle to "No."
  4. Change the Event Visibility field to "Hide this event when registration is deactivated."

With the event set to hide when a volunteer is unable to sign up and the option of allowing volunteers to self-register turned off, volunteers will not see the event on the calendar.

To un-hide the event, simply change the Allow Users to Self-Register toggle back to "Yes."

Note:  If any users had already registered for the event, you may want to turn off the Event Reminder and Thank You emails for the event also.