This is most commonly utilized by organizations that have different onboarding process for either different departments or physical locations.  This would involve creating an Event Group and User Group structure with top-tier Event/User Groups for each location or department.  Each department/location would have their own New Applicant user group(s).  A Landing Page would be created for each department/location, with the options set for 'Automatically add new users to the following user group(s)' set to their specific New Applicant process. 

Instructions for Creating Multiple Onboarding Paths

Step 1: Site-Wide New Applicant Group

Some organizations may still opt to have a single group that all new applicants, regardless of which Landing Page they're coming from, are placed into.  This acts as a catch-all but is not required.

  • Go to Settings>Site Settings >New User Settings

Step 2: Create Landing Pages for each Department/Location and Link them to their Process

The image below displays a landing page for Chicago.  It is set up to do three things:

  1. Only show events within the Event Group for Chicago—making a limited calendar of only Chicago events.
  2. Auto-Join all who visit it to the Chicago Volunteers User Group to create a single list of all Chicago Volunteers.
  3. Automatically adding users who create an account from it into a specific Chicago New Applicants group.  This allows for only the limited administrators in charge of this location to manage their new users.