Landing Page banners are a way to make your site look more attractive and quickly convey what your organization does, but choosing the right image for the banner is very important.


A banner graphic can be uploaded from within the Landing Page wizard under 'Look and Feel.'

Choosing the Best Image

The biggest consideration when choosing an image for your Banner Graphic is to take into account that the Schedule Message box will be covering a large portion of it.

Another thing to consider is that the Volunteer View changes size based on both the size of the display (computer, tablet, phone), as well as the zoom level of the browser.

With both of those considerations, the image used should be visually appealing throughout as opposed to an image where only the center contains something interesting (e.g. people or a building).

Good Example:

Source Image:

Landing Page:

Bad Example:

Source Image:

Landing Page:


The tooltip for the Banner Graphic reveals that the ideal size is 4,000 x 800 pixels.  Note that this is a rectangle.

Searching for an Image

Though it's possible to either have or create your own image, generally it's easier to search for one.  There are many websites that offer free-to-use stock images.  Using any search engine, search for "Free stock images," but do be aware that it's likely that the first result (or first several) may be paid sites that have been promoted to the top of the results.  Once you have found a site that offers free images, begin searching for images based on a topic.  Examples include:

  • "fresh food" for a food bank
  • "clothes on a rack" for a thrift store
  • "construction site" for building houses

Cropping the Image

Once you've located and saved your image to your computer, now it's time to make sure the picture is cropped properly.  Using the above examples, notice that the 'bad' example not only wouldn't display the majority of the people because the Schedule Message blocks the center, but also only shows the tops of their heads.  This is because the Banner Graphic is a rectangle that will begin with the top of the image.  The 'bad' example is mostly unusable space at the top, whereas the 'good' example is visually appealing throughout the entire image.

If the top left of your image is already useable, there may be no cropping necessary.

Here's an example for a thrift store:

This image has some nice elements, but if not cropped it will only display the ceiling:

By cropping the top of the image off to this:

I now have a Landing Page that looks like this:

Sample Banner Graphics