VolunteerHub does not have an app that needs to be downloaded from an app store, instead VolunteerHub utilizes a Progressive Web Applications.

PWAs are web apps designed to give users an experience on par with native apps, without having to download an additional resource. They are highly responsive and intuitive. VolunteerHub’s Progressive Web Application automatically adjusts to different screen sizes and provides a consistent experience to all, regardless of the device they are using.

VolunteerHub’s Progressive Web Application makes it easy for Volunteer Coordinators to access data quickly and efficiently from anywhere and allows volunteers to view and register for opportunities directly from their mobile device without learning a new user interface.

According to recent reports, Progressive Web Apps load 15X faster than native apps.

A faster app means less abandonment! According to recent studies, 80% of people will abandon an app that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Here is what VolunteerHub looks like on a mobile device

Volunteer and Admin View

No Need to Download a Mobile App

When most people think of mobile apps, they think of Native Applications found on the app store of their device. These applications require a user to find and download data prior to use. For Volunteer Coordinators and volunteers this can be a barrier and impact their experience with a volunteer management platform.

VolunteerHub’s Progressive Web App provides users a mobile experience without the inconvenience of having to find or download additional files on their devices. Progressive Web Apps require, on average, 25X less storage space than native apps.

To use VolunteerHub’s Progressive Web App, there is no need for a user to download an app or use lots of storage space. In fact, VolunteerHub can be accessed directly from a user’s web browser and will automatically adjust to their screen resolution, making it an ideal solution for both organizational volunteers and administrators that register volunteers in the field.

For VolunteerHub users that want to access their site directly on the home screen of a mobile device, a short-cut can be easily created eliminating the need to find it in the browser every time.

VolunteerHub App on Home Screen

Automatic Updates

VolunteerHub’s mobile application is progressive. In other words, it provides users with the same look and feel, features, and updates across all device types. VolunteerHub is designed to take full advantage of mobile features. When VolunteerHub releases new updates, these changes can be seen across all devices. VolunteerHub users do not need to update the app on their mobile devices in order to benefit and enjoy new software updates.

Optimized for all devices (6)


Because Progressive Web Applications are SSL encrypted, served via HTTPS, they are far more secure than traditional mobile apps with web connections. With so much volunteer data being stored within VolunteerHub, it is crucial for security and encryption to exist across all devices.