Active users are those users who have registered for at least one event within the last 12 months. VolunteerHub plans allow up to a certain number of active users at a time.

Once a twelve-month span of time has passed where a user has not signed up for an event, the system automatically designates them as an inactive user, which no longer counts toward your plan's user limit (so removing those accounts would not lower the site's active user count). This designation is for billing purposes only and has no impact on a user's ability to login or sign up for events. 

What is my site's active user limit?

Each plan has a different maximum number of active users:

  • Plus: Up to 1000 active users 
  • Pro: Up to 2500 active users 
  • Enterprise: Varies. Please submit a Billing question if you are unsure of your site's active users limit.

How can I find how many active users I have?

To see how many active users you currently have, in the Admin side of the site, click on your name at the top right and click Billing. The total active users will be listed at the top of the page.

How can I find which users are active?

The Users Report within Custom Reports allows for adding an 'Is Active' column through the Column Chooser.  This column displays a checkmark for any active user.

I'm approaching my site's limit. What can I do?

As you approach your site's active users limit, there are several things you can do to ensure new volunteers can continue to create user accounts:

1. Eliminate duplicates.

Merge duplicate user accounts using the Intelligent Deduplication feature that comes with your site. 

2. Remove test accounts.

Delete test accounts administrators have created in your site (but never delete actual user accounts, as this can not be undone).

3. Increase your limit.

Contact the VolunteerHub team to discuss increasing your active user limit. You can reach them at (877)-482-3340 x1 or