If you would like to add a hyperlink to a larger text area (e.g., event descriptions, user form question prompts/subprompts, emails or landing page messages), follow the steps below.

Step 1.

If you want to provide a link to a file you'd like volunteers to download and/or print, first upload the file to the internet using the Uploads app or other web service, which will create a direct URL for the file. 

Step 2. 

Copy the link (URL) to the file. If using the Uploads app, the direct URL will be provided in the uploads list immediately after uploading the file.

Step 3.

Navigate to the area in which you'd like to insert a link and enter the text you'd like your volunteers to see. For example, if you want them to watch a short video before creating an account, you might enter "Please watch this brief safety video before you get started" into the New User Message of your default landing page (step #1 in Figure 1 below).

Figure 1. Create a hyperlink within a landing page or event description.

Step 4.

Use your mouse to highlight the words you want to hyperlink (e.g., in the example above, we highlighted "watch this brief safety video"). Then, click on the small chain link icon to insert a hyperlink over the selected words (step #2 in Figure 1 above). 

Step 5. 

In the pop-up, paste the link to the file or web page you'd like volunteers to click on into the URL field (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Add your link URL.

Step 6.

Select "New window" from the Open link in... field so volunteers can easily pick up where they left off in your VolunteerHub site.

Step 7.

When finished, click the Save button to insert the link over the selected text. Don't forget to click Save when finished!