If your organization requires scanned volunteer forms or other documentation from users, it is possible to “attach” those documents to your user’s profile. This is a little more tricky, and requires the ability to upload those documents to the web using a file storage tool, such as the Uploads app in VolunteerHub.

There are other options for file storage tools, including DropBox or Google Drive, but the easiest and preferred method for attaching documents to a user’s profile is to use the Uploads app in VolunteerHub due to its ease-of-use and the ability to upload files right into VolunteerHub, so users and administrators never have to navigate away from your VolunteerHub site to open the file.

The Uploads app is included in most VolunteerHub purchase plans. If you do not yet have the Uploads app, contact info@volunteerhub.com for more information.

To “attach” a document to a user’s profile, create a new Text type of question in the User Form (see the Building the User Form section of the Getting Started Guide), giving it the name of the type of document you’re adding. Next, upload the user document to the web using the Uploads app or other tool, copy the URL of the file (provided automatically in the Uploads app beside each file), open/edit the user’s profile and paste the document URL into the new field. When finished, click Save. Pasting a hyperlink into the text field automatically creates a hyperlink when viewing the profile.

Now, when you open the user’s profile, you will see a link to the document (shown below).