VolunteerHub February 2020 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

User Group Selection for New Accounts Created on Kiosk

If your site's Kiosk Setting is checked to 'Allow new users to create accounts via the kiosk', users will now have the option of choosing from a list of user groups to join.  No user groups are listed by default.  To enable a user group as an option, a checkbox has been added within the Membership Control settings in the user group.  Once checked, that group will appear as an option following the new user filling out their profile if that user group has a reservation within an event that day.  The user will still be placed in any groups set as auto-join automatically for new accounts.

Check the box to add the user group as an option for enrollment via the Kiosk for new users.

Users choose from the list after filling out their profile.

'Waitlisted' Indicator in User's Profile

Events listed on a volunteer's Timeline and Upcoming tabs within their profile now show if the volunteer is on the waitlist.

Date Range Picker within Reports No Longer Changes

When choosing a date range for a report, the end date no longer changes to match the start date if the start date is in the past.

Bookmarking Lists of Filtered Events

Previously filtering a list of events always included the start date within the URL, making bookmarking common filters unfeasible.  This data has been removed from the URL generated.  This will allow for the bookmarking of common event filters such as: 

  • Events within a certain Event Group
  • Events reserved for a User Group
  • Events with a particular Event Contact
  • Date Patterns such as events occurring every Thursday

More Detailed Report Descriptions

The descriptions within the Reports page for the various reports have been made more robust to better explain the purpose and data returned from each report.

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