Rolling Release: RE Plugin Update

Group Membership Sync for RE Integration 


We have added functionality to our integration with The Raiser's Edge to sync User Group memberships from VolunteerHub into RE. 


How do I get it?

 The update is being rolled out by Blackbaud. You'll know you have it when you get the pop-up message below:


Press 'Yes' to proceed. 

If you have a locally-installed instance of Raiser's Edge, you need to be running Version 1.2.4 of the VolunteerHub Synchronizer.  If you need the plug-in installed in your local instance, please contact support.


If you use RE NXT or are hosted by Blackbaud, Version 1.2.4 is being rolled out in the latest Blackbaud update. To confirm you have that version, click on VolunteerHub Synchronizer in the RE Plug-Ins menu. The version appears at the bottom of the plug-in.


What does it do?

Version 1.2.4 of the VolunteerHub Synchronizer plug-in for The Raiser's Edge allows you to sync specific User Groups in your VolunteerHub site with specific Organizations and default Relationship Types in RE. As a result, users belonging to those user groups in VolunteerHub will have the default relationship to that Organization in their constituent records in RE. 


How do I use it?

  1. First, make sure your sync is up to date. Deduplicate users in VolunteerHub and run your VolunteerHub Synchronizer plug-in in RE as you normally would, until you receive the "Synchronization Complete" message.
  2. To associate an RE Organization with a VH User Group, you will need the RE Organization's Constituent ID. This can be obtained by running a query in RE or by looking at the specific Organization entry. In the example screenshot below, this Organization's ID is "3M".



  1. If you want to update the RE constituent's Relationship to the RE Organization, you will need to have the valid list of Relationships in your instance of RE. Navigate to Config > Tables > Relationships to obtain that list.
  2. In VolunteerHub, navigate to User Groups and click on one of the user groups that you'd like to sync with an Organization in RE.  
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Enter the RE Organization's Constituent ID value into the RAISER'S EDGE ORGANIZATION ID
  5. Enter the RE Relationship value into the RAISER'S EDGE RELATIONSHIP field (optional).


  1. Click Save.
  2. Run your VolunteerHub Synchronizer plug-in. Once complete, review the changes to the constituent record of a user that belongs to the User Group you edited by opening the constituent record in RE and navigating to the Relationships.




This relationship also appears on the Organization in RE.


Making Changes in VolunteerHub

By default, should a user in VolunteerHub be removed from a User Group the relationship with their Organization remains in RE.  If you'd prefer the relationship with that Organization to also be removed in RE, please contact support.


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