COVID-19 Response FAQs

With many administrators working from home and many events either cancelled or delayed, below is a list of articles/topics that help answer the most commonly asked questions to our Support Team.

  • Deleting Events: This has been one of our most commonly requested articles in the past few weeks.
  • Hiding Events from Volunteers: Another highly requested article, this would allow for hiding events without removing them entirely.
  • Emailing Volunteers: This article contains tips for how to effectively communicate with your volunteers via email and links to articles which details each of the four ways email can be sent. For example, communicating through a custom filter would allow for emailing (or texting) all volunteers signed up for events in the next two weeks at the same time.
  • Texting Volunteers: Similar to the article above, this guide lists the ways volunteers can be texted.
  • Using the Advanced Waivers App: If you are using a waiver for a usage such as, “I attest I don't have symptoms, haven't traveled to high risk areas, etc.”, you may wish to use the expiration option ‘User must sign this waiver each time they sign up for an event that requires it’. This would prompt the volunteer to agree to this waiver for every event it is attached.
  • Customizing Your Site: This article details all the customization options for your site. This includes how to modify the Schedule Message (text box on the volunteer side). This can be utilized to provide information to your volunteers about your current situation.
  • Accessing the VolunteerHub Webinar Playlist: This playlist contains our newest webinar on Managing Event Registration. The Getting Started with VolunteerHub webinar is also a great resource if you're new to the platform. We've also added a link at the top of our support site for your convenience!
  • Contacting Support: As always, you can contact support via ticket in our Support Site (or by clicking the 'Send Us A Message' link within the ? button on the Admin Portal). Alternatively, you may submit questions by emailing

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