VolunteerHub March 2020 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.


Waitlist Designation in Event Quick-View & Mobile

When expanding an event on the Dashboard, users on the waitlist are now designated with a 'W/L'. 

Users are now also marked as waitlisted when viewing the event on mobile.

Removing a User from an Event no Longer Scrolls to the Top

Previously when removing a user from an event, the page would return to the top of the screen.  Now when a user is removed the screen does not move.

Pre-Populated Event Email Subject Lines

When composing an email through an event, the Event name, date, and time pre-populate as the subject.  This text can be deleted.

Additional 'Find in this list' fields

'Find in this list' search boxes have been added to the top of the Landing Pages and Recurrence Masters pages.

Renamed 'Raw Event Registration Data' Report

The Raw Event Registration Data report has been renamed to Event Registrations.  There has been no change to the report itself.

Record Hours Box Remains on Page Refresh

Previously while in an event with the Record Hours box active, if the page was refreshed, the box would disappear.  This box now remains and refreshes its data during a page refresh.

Adjusted Color for Non-Interactive Toggles

Toggle switches meant to convey information, but that are not interactive, are now gray instead of blue.  



Notes: Changing these settings is done within the ellipsis option 'Edit User Group Reservation'.

Kiosk Auto-Exits User Check-In Confirmation

When a user checks-in/out to an event, the final confirmation page now auto-exits, returning the Kiosk to the user search page, after 10 seconds.  Previously, the user had to press the 'Exit' button.

'Apply Filters' Button Added

When filtering a list, an 'Apply Filters' button has been added.  Previously this was accomplished by pressing the filter icon a second time (this option still works).

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