VolunteerHub June 2020 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Printable Signed Waivers

Both volunteers and administrators can now print signed waivers.

For Volunteers: from Volunteer View, click the dropdown on your name, and choose 'View Signed Waivers'.

For Administrators: from a user's profile click the Waivers tab, then click the ellipsis by the desired waiver.  Choose 'Print Waiver'.

Registering a User for an Event

Updated menu when manually registering a user for an event from within the event.

NOTE: Hours can be assigned as soon as a user is registered.  Hours should not be inputted if the user is to check-in on the Kiosk.

Adding Group Reservation

Updated menu when adding a group reservation from within an event.

Removing a user from an Event

Updated menu when manually cancelling a user registration for an event from within the event.

Landing Pages in User Group Details

Landing Pages are now listed within the User Group details.  Clicking on the name pulls up the edit page for that Landing Page.

Email Opt-In/Out Options in Birthdays Report

Added options for email opt-in status when running the Birthdays report.

Communication Options on Events Page

Added options for email and text when filtering a list of events.

NOTE:  Those included in the communication are limited to the filter applied.  I.E. should an event have two group reservations and only the first is included in the filter, only those users registered under the first reservation will receive the email or text.

Increased Logo and Banner Resolutions

The dimensions for both logos and banners has increased to allow for higher resolution photos.  Logo files can now also be SVG.

Logo: 800 x 280 pixels

Banner: 4000 x 800 pixels

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