VolunteerHub August 2020 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Anonymous Slots & Hours Added to Event Registrations Report

Previously this data was only included in the Event Participation by Event Report, but Anonymous Slots and Hours are now included as columns in the CSV generated by the unformatted Event Registrations Report. The 'Anonymous' column denotes True or False. If it's marked as True, that row will not include any user details (such as a username) and the 'Hours' column informs the number of anonymous hours.

In this example, 4 volunteers participated in the event, with two of them being anonymous.

User Groups Now Clickable within Users' Profiles

When viewing a user's profile, the list of User Group Memberships are now hyperlinks to that User Group.

Forgot Password Link Renamed

When logging in, the text of the 'Forgot Password' link has been updated to 'Forgot Password or Username'. This link always allowed for receiving an email to recover a username and reset a password, but the link now reflects this.

Removing a User Group Reservation Prompt

The warning when removing a User Group reservation from an event has been updated.

Waiver Dropdown Sort-Order

When attaching a waiver to an already created event, the dropdown now lists the waivers in alphabetical order as it did when creating an event.

Kiosk 'Exit' Button now 'Start Over'

The 'Exit' button in the Kiosk has been renamed to 'Start Over' to avert volunteer confusion.

'Thank You' Added to Kiosk Check In & Out Screen

When checking in or out of an event, the Kiosk now thanks the volunteer.

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