Blog Post: VolunteerHub Proves Indispensable for Donner Sang Compter Lebanon

VolunteerHub Proves Indispensable for Donner Sang Compter Lebanon

DSC Volunteers

Donner Sang Compter Lebanon has quickly adopted VolunteerHub, as its volunteer management solution of choice, and is using the software to pump hope and compassion within the community.

Donner Sang Compter (DSC) has quickly become an invaluable source of hope to the Lebanese community. Founded in 2010, this charitable organization builds communities by promoting blood donation as a humanitarian and national cause. In French, donner sans compter means “to give without asking for anything in return” and that is at the heart of DSC’s mission.

Since its beginning, DSC has helped save over 100,000 lives through collecting 35,909 units of blood.  This was done through over 1000 blood drives and partnering with 41 blood banks.  The real heroes of their work though are the 22,983 blood donors who have been recruited and logged in their database.

DSC grew out of a tragedy that the founder, Yorgui Teyrouz, recognized did not need to be.  Hospitals in Lebanon operate under a replacement system. The patient must find people to donate blood before surgeries are performed.  “Yorgui witnessed first-hand how blood-shortages devastated lives.

Yorgui’s friend’s grandfather died because he could not get a blood donation,” noted Myra Khalife, General Secretary, Donner Sang Compter.  Yorgui recognized that the grandfather could have been saved by simply connecting him with others.  Others who did not expect anything in return.

Thus, a key driver of DSC was conceived.  Volunteers as donors and helpers come not asking anything in return.  The 1200 volunteers fill a variety of essential roles, including running blood drives, fulfilling administrative roles, and nurturing relationships with blood donors and donation recipients.  DSC does not just collect blood but promotes the well-being of all involved.

“Our mission is to pump hope into a conflicted society through voluntary sacrifice, even blood for holistic well-being to the glory of the Creator.  We would be unable to achieve such a broad mission without the commitment of volunteers,” said Myra Khalife, General Secretary, Donner Sang Compter.

DSC Volunteer

The need for strategic volunteer management

Prior to investing in volunteer management software, DSC staff used a manual process to recruit, engage, and manage volunteer constituents. The process involved countless spreadsheets, phone calls, and one-off emails, that were time-consuming and wasted precious resources. The DSC team knew that there had to be a better way to capture volunteer information and optimize their volunteer program for future growth.

Before selecting VolunteerHub, the DSC team vetted several volunteer management solutions. VolunteerHub stood out because of the system’s flexibility, the ability to create and customize volunteer opportunity calendars, and the software’s functionality to create a unique experience for each supporter.

Shortly, after investing in VolunteerHub, DSC began to yield a return. To DSC’s delight, the software was quickly learned and adopted.  Best of all, the software features revitalized their volunteer program.

“I was blown away by how fast VolunteerHub was adopted by the DSC organization and how quickly the solution made an impact towards our mission,” said Myra.

Today, the DSC team uses many of the features that VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software provides. A few of their favorite features, and functionalities that have impacted their program, include personalized communication, user groups, volunteer self-registration, reporting, and kiosk.

“The options that VolunteerHub’s system provides are endless,” said Myra


Leveraging VolunteerHub amid COVID-19 & the August 4th Beirut explosion

VolunteerHub proved itself to be a valuable tool, amid disaster. Response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Beirut explosion prompted DSC to upgrade its VolunteerHub plan to include additional functionality.

One example is multiform, which gives DSC insight into the interests, skills, and preferences of supporters. VolunteerHub is helping DSC create a strategic response to increased need, within the Lebanese community.

“The flexibility and ease of adoption are two very beautiful aspects of VolunteerHub,” said Myra.

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