Blog Post: Habitat NOVA Converts Volunteers to Donors with VolunteerHub’s Salesforce Integration

Habitat NOVA Converts Volunteers to Donors with VolunteerHub’s Salesforce Integration

Habitat NOVA Volunteer Program

VolunteerHub’s integration with Salesforce is the icing on the cake for Habitat NOVA and is bridging the gap between volunteers and donors.

Habitat for Humanity Northern Virginia (Habitat NOVA) is on a mission to help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance to create better lives for themselves and their children through the purchase of their first home.

Habitat works with families making 50-80% of Northern Virginia’s median annual income in an effort to make homeownership possible and remove families from unsafe living conditions. To date, Habitat NOVA has built 93 new homes and renovated over 30 additional homes for people in the community.

The organization also operates three ReStore locations in Alexandria, Chantilly, and Herndon.

Through the ReStore locations, Habitat NOVA provides families with access to home improvement goods, such as used furniture, appliances, building materials and more at a fraction (50-90% off) of the retail price.

Between its new home program, home renovation initiative, and the operation of ReStore locations, Habitat NOVA is making homeownership a possibility for people in the community that need a helping hand.

“Ultimately, our goal is to provide an affordable and safe homeownership option for those in our community that need it,” said Liz Salter, Director of Community and Donor Engagement, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia.

In order to reach its mission, Habitat NOVA relies on both volunteers and financial donors for support. On average, the organization utilizes the assistance of 3500 volunteers per year. Volunteers fill a variety of roles including working in the office, ReStore locations, construction sites, and serving on committees, including the board.

“We would not be able to provide new homeownership opportunities to the community without our volunteers and donors. They are an integral part of our ability to reach our mission and provide solutions to those who need it the most,” said Liz

Features that Impact Habitat NOVA’s Volunteer Program and Fundraising

Prior to implementing VolunteerHub, Habitat NOVA used an app to manage volunteers. Unfortunately, the volunteer management app did not provide the feature set staff needed to engage volunteers and donors and create a holistic view of campaigns and supporter groups.

Habitat NOVA’s management team began to look for a volunteer management solution when the app became unsupported.

The organization was looking for a solution that would meet their expectations and provide the functionality necessary to automate their volunteer program, report actionable data, enhance communication, and connect to their Salesforce donor database to understand the relationship between volunteers and donors.

Staff began to research volunteer management software to try and find a solution that met their needs. After a year of vetting the top options on the market, they landed on VolunteerHub.

“When I joined Habitat for Humanity Northern Virginia our organization was using an app to manage volunteers. The app was outdated and didn’t provide the functionality we needed. I did research and found that VolunteerHub provided the functionality to take our program to the next level. VolunteerHub’s integration with Salesforce was the icing on the cake,” said Liz

“Being able to connect VolunteerHub with Salesforce is a huge benefit. The integration provides us with a holistic view of our supporters and makes converting volunteers to donors a streamlined process, focused on engagement,” said Liz

There are many features of VolunteerHub that have been instrumental to the volunteer program at Habitat NOVA. First, being able to create group landing pages has helped the organization optimize its corporate volunteer initiatives and nurture partnerships.

Second, the email communication features of VolunteerHub have streamlined personalization, enhanced engagement, and reduced administrative time.

Third, the waiver feature is helping to protect the organization and has become even more valuable amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, VolunteerHub’s integration with Salesforce is providing the organization with better insights into the relationship between volunteers and donors and opportunities to cross-pollinate donor types.

Being able to connect volunteer and donor data is helping Habitat NOVA convert volunteers to warm financial donor leads and impact the bottom-line of fundraising campaigns.

“There are so many features of VolunteerHub that stand out and are crucial components of our volunteer program. A few of the most valuable features for us have been waivers, landing pages, group and event functionality, communication capabilities, and integration with Salesforce,” said Liz

“The integration between VolunteerHub and Salesforce provides our organization with an outlet to communicate the value of financial gifts with our volunteer constituents and create engagement that impacts our bottom-line,” said Liz

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