VolunteerHub February 2021 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

New User Membership control option for Landing Pages

Landing Pages now have the option of placing New Users into a specified User Group.  Previously, this option only existing site-wide within Settings>Site Settings.  Landing Pages already had the option to place those who visited it into a User Group, but this would happen every time they visited--restricting its usefulness in building various onboarding paths via Landing Pages.  

Any User Group(s) specified within Settings>Site Settings remain site-wide.

This can be especially useful for larger organizations with Landing Pages based on different departments or physical locations, each with their own onboarding process.

Separate Event Contact Emails

The option for the event contact to be notified of event registrations and cancellations has been split into two separate options.

Dual Waivers per Event

Events may now have up to two adult and two minor waivers.

‘Hard Bounce’ Email Addresses Removed from Database

A hard bounce occurs when an email has been permanently rejected and will not send. This happens because:

    • The email address is invalid

    • The email address does not exist

    • The email address no longer exists


This may be because a volunteer either mistyped their email address or used an email address that is no longer valid (e.g. they deleted that account or no longer work for the company they initially used as their address).

When this occurs, VolunteerHub now removes that email address from their profile.

This leads to two benefits:

    1. The volunteer now has an empty, but required, field within their profile—prompting them to input a new email address the next time they sign up for an event.

    2. Continually sending emails to a hard-bounced address may cause a domain to become de-prioritized by email platforms like Microsoft and Gmail.


No changes have been made to emails that are “soft-bounced.” These email address remain within the user’s profile.

A soft bounce means that the email address is valid and the email message reached the recipient’s mail server but was rejected. Reasons for this include:

    • Their mailbox is full

    • Their server is down

Require User to Change Password Option

The option to require the users to change their password on their next sign in has been added to the dialog box when an administrator manually changes a user's password.

Volunteer Check-In Code on Kiosk

The Volunteer Check-In Code now displays on the Kiosk if:

    1. Volunteer Check-In Code is enabled on the site

    2. The Kiosk setting for 'Show QR Code for mobile device check-in' is enabled

'Yesterday' Indicator for Past Events in OnSite

If a volunteer fails to check-out of an event, that event remains visible in OnSite the next day.  OnSite will now indicate the event as having been from yesterday.

Additional Options for Emailing from an Event

When emailing from an event, options now include:

    • Only registered users

    • Only waitlisted users

    • Everyone (registered and waitlisted users)

Previously there was no option to only email waitlisted users.

Return to Admin View from Onsite

Clicking the VolunteerHub logo within Onsite now returns back to the Admin Dashboard.

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