VolunteerHub May 2021 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

File Upload User Form Question Type

The User Form now features a 'File Upload' question type.  This replaces the previous 'Photo' question type.

To create a File Upload question, navigate to your User Form, click 'Add Question', then 'Create New Question'.  Set the question type to File Upload.  Create your question as usual.

At the bottom of the wizard are options for setting an the expiration mode:

    • None

        ○ The uploaded file will never expire

    • Number of days

        ○ The uploaded file will expire after the number of days defined (e.g., 365 days)

    • Month/day

        ○ The uploaded file will expire on the date chosen

    • Prompt User

        ○ The user will provide the date that the uploaded file will expire (e.g., driver's license expiration date)

If 'Require a Response to This Question' is set to 'Yes', the user will need to upload a new file when the current one expires in order to register for any future events.

When viewing a user's profile, administrators can view the expiration date and click on the file name to download the file.

Editing their profile allows for replacing the file, deleting the file, and changing the expiration date.

Note: File Upload questions can be marked as 'hidden from the user' and used to track internal documents, certifications, etc.

Accepted filetypes include:

    • Images

    • PDF

    • DOC

    • XLS

    • CSV

    • PPT

    • MSG

Maximum file size: 4MB

Retiring Waivers

In the Advanced Waivers feature, there is now an option with the edit dialogue of a waiver to no longer 'list this waiver when creating new events'.  Unchecking this box will remove it from the list of waivers available to be attached to an event.

This option should be used for retired waivers that should no longer be used, but should still be in the system for reporting purposes.

Unlisted waivers display at the bottom of the waivers list.

Individual User History Date Selector

From the User's page, clicking the ellipsis for a user displays the option to print that user's history.  Previously, this option would auto-generate a printable report of that user's entire event history.  This option now initially prompts for a date range.

Titles (prefixes) Now Display in OnSite and Event Registration

OnSite and the Event Registration page now display any title choice a user made in-line with their name.  

Personal Pronouns User Form Token

When creating a 'Text' User Form question, there is now a token for Personal Pronouns.

Checking this box will display user-inputted text (e.g., she/her, he/him, they/them) in-line with that person's name throughout VolunteerHub.

Updated Billing Page

The Billing page has been overhauled, and now allows several new options.

  1. Multiple credit cards can be inputted on the Payment Methods tab.  These could be used to pay for your subscription as well as purchasing text message (SMS) credits.  This does allow for the purchase of text message credits with a different payment method than your subscription.

  2. The Subscription tab allows for choosing the preferred payment method for your VolunteerHub subscription.  This option was previously within the information pane on the right.
  3. The Text Credits tab allows for purchasing text credits either manually or automatically to a credit card from the Payment Methods tab.
  4. The History tab displays the same summary information that was previously the only information displayed on the Billing page.



Resetting Passwords for Users with the Same Email Address


    Users who share the same email address can now reset their own password.  If a user clicks the 'Forgot Password or Username?' link on the Sign In screen and enters the shared email address, they will receive an email asking them which account they'd like to reset with reset links for each account.




    Note: The links remain active for 1 hour.

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