Blog Post: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of VolunteerHub

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of VolunteerHub

Celebrating 25 Years of VolunteerHub

This year marks the 25th anniversary of VolunteerHub, a product owned by our parent company Carr Engineering Inc (CEI). For 25 years, VolunteerHub has been a trusted software solution, helping thousands of organizations better recruit, engage, and manage volunteers. We are humbled by the relationships we have built over the last 25 years; including serving clients, building strategic partnerships, and creating career opportunities.

A quick bit of history: The VolunteerHub story began in 1996, with a frustrated engineer and a desire to help nonprofit organizations better utilize resources. VolunteerHub founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michael Carr, was leading a nonprofit group and quickly became overwhelmed with excessive paperwork, time-consuming registration, and unorganized processes. He knew that there had to be a better way to streamline operations, automate processes, free up time for volunteer coordinators, and create a better, more engaging, experience for volunteers.

With limited viable solutions on the market, Dr. Michael Carr used his background in engineering and software development to create VolunteerHub, with the mission of helping organizations manage volunteers using a simpler, more streamlined method. Just three years later, Habitat for Humanity affiliates throughout southeast Michigan were adopting VolunteerHub as their preferred volunteer management software.

“In 1996, I was leading a nonprofit group and needed a better way to manage operations and interact with volunteers. Realizing that other organizations could also benefit from a user-friendly interface for volunteer coordinators, online registration and event management, and consolidated data, I created VolunteerHub.  Over the past 25 years, our product evolved to address the needs of many nonprofit sectors, but our mission of helping organizations effectively engage and manage volunteers with a simple, streamlined platform, has remained,” said Dr. Michael Carr, Founder & Chief Executive Officer for Carr Engineering, Inc., the provider of VolunteerHub.

Over the years, VolunteerHub has evolved and added new exciting features, but its mission to help organizations and be a leading provider of volunteer management software has always remained the same. Today, VolunteerHub offers clients an entire suite of functionality to run their volunteer program strategically, capture data, and increase engagement with volunteers.

“Through the dedication of our team, support of our clients, and focus toward innovation, VolunteerHub has evolved to become the industry-leading provider of volunteer management software. We are excited to reflect on the last 25 years while remaining focused on providing revolutionary solutions to the nonprofit community for years to come,” said Corbit Harrison, Chief Operating Officer for Carr Engineering, Inc., the provider of VolunteerHub.

Since its inception, VolunteerHub has supported over 25 million volunteers and has helped some of the largest nonprofits in the world log 5 billion volunteer hours. VolunteerHub has also received recognition from its partner channels, most recently being named Blackbaud ISV Partner of the Year.

“We are excited to continue supporting nonprofits so that they can achieve their missions for the next 25 years,” said Dr. Michael Carr

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