VolunteerHub August 2021 Release Notes

Below is a guide explaining Workflows and the previous functionality it replaces.  Any Workflows a site previously had through the old method are now available within the new Workflows page.

Explanation of Previous Functionality

The ability to create workflows has already been functionality within VolunteerHub.  Generally workflows are used for onboarding volunteers.  There have been two places to configure them:

    1. Settings > Site Settings

This setting allowed for putting all new users into one or more user groups based on an onboarding process (or workflow).  These settings were global and applied to all new users.

    2. Landing Pages

This configuration placed any user who visited this page (new or existing) into the Bank of America User Group.  However, if they are a new user they were also placed into the Phone Screening User Group.

Landing pages contained two methods of putting users into a user group: either by them visiting the Landing Page or creating an account from that page (mirroring the Site Setting above but specific to that Landing Page).

Introduction to Workflows

Workflows is a new page within the Admin View of VolunteerHub which consolidates the creation of workflows (as explained above).

This page replaces the previous option within Settings > Site Settings and compliments the options within Landing Pages.

From Workflows you can create new Workflows or browse existing ones.

Creating a Workflow

    1. Navigate to the Workflows page

    2. Click 'Create New Workflow'

    3. Give the Workflow a name

    4. Choose a Trigger

        a. Landing Page Visited will put users in a group simply by visiting that page

        b. New User Account Created puts users in a group if they are creating an account

    5. Choose a Landing Page

        a. If the workflow is meant to be global, leave the setting on 'Site Wide'

    6. Select an Action

        a. Add User to User Group

    7. Select the User Group or Groups

    8. Click 'Save'

NOTE: Only one Trigger may be used per Workflow.  For example if you'd like a Landing Page to trigger both for a user visiting the page as well as a new user account being created--two workflows would be needed.

This Workflow replaces Example #1 above.

These two Workflows replace Example #2 above.

Workflows within Landing Pages

Though the Workflows page allows for creating Workflows associated with a Landing Page, the Landing Page edit page maintains this functionality.

The Behavior area has been simplified to which events should be displayed on the page: either associated with an Event Group and/or with reservations for a User Group.

Workflow is an alternative way to create Workflows within the Landing Page.

These workflows were created through the Workflows page (as detailed above), but display as the settings within the corresponding Landing Page.  This interchangeability allows for creating Workflows in either location and them being present in both.

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