Blog Post: The City of Dublin Integrates VolunteerHub with Learning Management System (LMS)

The City of Dublin Integrates VolunteerHub with Learning Management System (LMS)

Dublin Irish Festival

The City of Dublin is using VolunteerHub’s integration with Xcelerate Media’s Learning Management System to create a virtual and automated process for registering and training Dublin Irish Festival servers.

The Dublin Irish Festival was born in 1987 in Dublin’s Coffman Park. The first gathering consisted of 350 Irish step dancers who performed after the Columbus Feis well into the night, illuminated by the headlights of vehicles. A year later, in 1989, the festival welcomed its first national band, Mick Moloney’s Green Fields of America. Over the years, the festival continued to gain momentum, attention, and exposure welcoming additional musical acts such as Irisheer and Irish Brigade. In 1992, the City of Dublin became the lead sponsor of the event, and in 1993 it welcomed more than 10,000 guests. Due to the festival’s immense growth, it became a 3-day event in 1996 welcoming tens of thousands of guests and an array of talented performers.

Today, over 100,000 guests attend the 3-day festival. In order to provide guests with a great experience and gain community involvement, The City of Dublin elicits the support of community organizations who use their system to register individuals to serve beverages at the festival in exchange of fundraising opportunities. On average, over 1,100 individuals act as servers each year.

To manage Dublin Irish Festival event servers, the City of Dublin uses VolunteerHub. The organization began using VolunteerHub in 2013 to provide community organizations with a customized solution for registration. As the festival grew, the importance of the software and its feature-set became even more clear. Outside of festival server registration, The City of Dublin also uses VolunteerHub as a way to communicate festival updates, eliminate manual data-entry, and run program reports.

A Relationship Built on Positive Experiences

One of the main reasons that the City of Dublin has remained a client of Carr Engineering Inc. (VolunteerHub) for so many years is the excellent implementation process, training, support, and communication that they provide.

From day one, VolunteerHub provides clients with a path towards the successful use of the software and helps to create an experience for each organizations specific use case.

“Being a client of VolunteerHub for so many years, I have seen consistent and constant improvements on the front and back end of the software. I have been impressed with the training VolunteerHub provides and the ability to access webinars on specific topics of interest,” said Trish Lackey, Event Administrator for the City of Dublin.

“I love that VolunteerHub stands behind its software and provides the support, training, and functionality to get the most value possible,” said Trish

Taking Registration and Training to the Next Level with VolunteerHub and Xcelerate Media

In 2020, The City of Dublin took their use of VolunteerHub one step further by integrating the software with Xcelerate Media’s learning management system. Through the integration, the city is able to provide event servers with online training that must be completed prior to scheduling their shift for the festival.

By integrating VolunteerHub with Xcelerate Media LMS, the City of Dublin has saved countless hours in management time. Online registration and training have also been a welcomed addition amid the COVID-19 pandemic because it provides festival servers with a safe alternative to in-person training.

“One of the most valuable features of VolunteerHub is its SSO integration with Xcelerate Media. This integration has been a game-changer for the festival and our ability to provide online beverage server training,” said Trish

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